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Amma's Japan Tour in 2019

Tokyo students performing traditional Japanese dance!

Amma’s programs in Japan are very unique.

In Japanese mythology, the gods display human emotions, such as love and anger. In these stories, behavior that results in positive relations with others is rewarded, and empathy, identifying oneself with another, is highly valued.

In Japan this year, a poster at the entrance of the Amma Program venue located in a busy metropolitan area read “Time to be filled with real love.”

Amma’s 2019 Summer Tour concluded in Tokyo, Japan.

The Japanese people warmly welcomed Amma with traditional Japanese dance and music. On the first day of the three days of programs in Japan, students from 10 colleges in Tokyo performed an entertaining traditional dance set to Japanese traditional music. These students are also a part of IVUSA who regularly participate in the Housing Project of Embracing the World. Amma applauded enthusiastically at the end of their performance.

It was wonderful to see traditional Indian style bhajans sung by the Ishikawa Satsang group with drums, electric guitar, keyboard, pro-custom, saxophone accompanied by young children on chorus. There was a melodious performance by the Oita Satsang group as well!

Tokyo Satsang sang bhajans in Japanese. They rendered it in classical music style like for example, Soprano, Meso Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. The group had 11 musicians. Everyone loved it!

There was a graceful solo Japanese style dance performance by a lady devotee. Amma was watching the performances with interest and enthusiasm while giving darshan.

Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma of the Indian Consulate in Japan was a special invited guest to the Program. Ambassador Sanjay Kumar gave a short welcome speech. He spoke about the greatness of the Indian culture and values that emphasized the importance of peace, harmony, selfless service and non violence.

He warmly welcomed Amma to Japan and said, “I believe Amma who comes every year to Japan and imparts Satsangs and Darshan , is contributing to the Truth of Life as well as ease out the stresses of life and maintain the world life balance. I congratulate Amrita Heart for arranging this event and convey my best wishes for the success of their efforts towards Humanitarian and Social services."

Amrita Heart is the Humanitarian wing of Embracing the World in Japan.