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As a little girl, Amma dreamed of building a hospital where poor people could have access to high-quality healthcare in an atmosphere of love and compassion. In 1998, she built it.

“May each of our hospitals be an abode of service to humankind and a place of solace for the sick. While bodily health is no doubt important, internal health involves cultivating a sharing and caring attitude. May our institutions be both hospital and temple, where external and internal healing is provided.”

- Amma


Why it Matters

Sustainable development and health are interconnected.

When primary health needs are met in environmentally safe communities, humans are able to live productive lives in harmony with nature.  Numerous studies by the UN and WHO demonstrate that access to healthcare coupled with economic programming support the steady growth of communities.
We recognize these goals can only be achieved when all humans have access to healthcare that aims to prevent and treat diseases. To support the worldwide effort to improve health outcomes for all populations, Amrita hospitals, health camps, and public health initiatives strive to give world class healthcare to everyone equally.

Our Work

Committed to delivering exceptional and compassionate healthcare through advanced medical treatments that are accessible to everyone.
Reaching out to remote and impoverished communities through more than 100 annual free health camps.
Transforming healthcare access for slum dwellers in Kenya through ongoing medical camps and free cataract surgeries.
Extending quality healthcare, free of charge, to underserved populations and indigenous communities.
Targeted public health initiatives for vulnerable populations through nursing training, health centers, outreach, health education and medical camps.
Cost-effective, eco-friendly reusable pads bring financial independence
A lifeline for a stigmatized population, providing holistic support through medical care, counseling, therapy, education and vocational assistance.
Over two decades of compassionate in-home medical care, counseling and support for thousands of disadvantaged patients facing terminal illness.
Offering compassionate care and spiritual support to terminal cancer patients as well as distributing free medicine, food and books to underprivileged families.
Delivering advanced medical care to remote areas in India and Africa through specialized medical video consultations and more.

Our Impact

in charitable healthcare since 1998
$ 0 M
Patients treated free of charge
0 M
Free cataract surgeries in Africa
Hospital beds


Our hospital in Cochin is recognized for its outstanding contribution

British Medical Journal award
2014, 2015 & 2016

FICCI Patient Safety award

FICCI Medical Innovation award

FICCI Best Hospital award

Get Involved


The vast majority of our work is carried out by local volunteers.


Make a contribution to support our humanitarian work.

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We collaborate with academic institutions or NGOs

Everyone of us - the rich and the poor - can give.  There is no greater message than Amma’s giving to all the people of this region, and Kerala, and India, and to the world.

Former President of India

Watch Amma’s daily livestream

Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

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