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Amma is deeply committed to providing quality education regardless of economic status, gender, or race. From primary school to PhD programs, Amma’s educational institutions focus on inculcating universal human values and a commitment to service alongside rigorous academics.

Education with spiritual values transforms youth into highly capable and intelligent forces of goodness, compassion and service.

– Amma


Why it Matters

1 out of 3 children worldwide never sets foot in a classroom.

Universal education has proven to be the most effective means of eliminating endemic poverty; every year of school increases an individual’s earning capacity by 10 percent or more.  The covid pandemic has deepened the global learning crisis. More than 24 million learners, from pre-primary to university level, are at risk of never returning to school.

Our Work

Higher learning for a purpose-driven life
Values based primary and secondary education
Educating children from impoverished families to break the cycle of poverty and end farmer suicides.
Helping indigenous communities achieve fair trade through literacy
Providing essential tutoring and support to disadvantaged children to enhance their educational opportunities and combat high dropout rates.
Empowering hearing-impaired children with quality education to lead confident and successful lives.
Offering comprehensive education and development therapy to enable differently abled children to discover their hidden talents and achieve future self-sufficiency.
Dedicated to preserving ancient art forms and passing on traditional skills while contributing to the economic well-being of its students.
Preparing youth with the practical expertise and self confidence necessary for a successful entry into the workforce.
Empowering young adults with training and occupational skills, enabling them to break free from poverty and contribute to their communities.

Our Impact

Women received vocational training
UNESCO/EML award for adult education
School students
University students

Our Partners

We work in partnership with leading humanitarian, peacekeeping and academic institutions worldwide.


Our UNESCO Chairs

The United Nations has made Amrita University India’s first-ever UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment in 2016. In 2019, Amrita University received its second UNESCO chair. 

UNESCO chair on Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment 

UNESCO Chair on Experiential Learning for Sustainable Innovation and development 

Get Involved


The vast majority of our work is carried out by local volunteers.


Make a contribution to support our humanitarian work.

Partner with us

We collaborate with academic institutions or NGOs

We pay tribute to the far-reaching contributions of a distinguished educational leader.

Former President of the University at Buffalo, USA

Watch Amma’s daily livestream

Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

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