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May 14, 2022 Global
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May 5, 2022 World
Registration is now open Online international retreat: “Beyond the Pendulum of Life’ with Swami Amritaswarupananda, Amma’s senior-most disciple.  What to expect Refresh and recharge alongside the international Amma community during this special event.  During the retreat, you will be able to... more ›
May 3, 2022 USA
Amma’s love and blessings in our lives is unfathomable.  She has instructed her ashrams to periodically conduct a special puja for her devotees who have passed beyond this earthly existence. As an ongoing project, Amma further instructed that the MA Center San Ramon have a memorial with photos of... more ›
April 13, 2022 USA
The seminar will provide valuable information on creating a Will or Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Health-care Directives, and how to leave assets to your charity of choice. 1. I’ve supported Amma's charities. How can I use part of my estate to support Amma's work after... more ›
March 25, 2022 Uttarakhand, India
Amma says, “When people live in harmony with Mother Nature, the song of life becomes sweet.” Many health and education related problems that women and girls face in low-income communities can be solved by providing access to the right products for menstrual hygiene. Amma started the Saukhyam... more ›
March 25, 2022 India
World Peace Yajna was a huge Success! The world-peace offerings of (108 Ganapati-Navagriha-Mrityunjaya Homas) led by Amma and performed by Sannyāsinīs and Brahmacāriṇīs (female monastics) of Mata Amritanandamayi Math was completed with Amma leading everyone in chanting the peace prayer "Om Lokah... more ›
March 6, 2022 Poland
Relief Efforts have already begun Since the last few days, the volunteers of Embracing the World in Poland have been active in transporting hundreds of Indian students and other refugees crossing over at the Polish border to Warsaw by bus. Bearing the... more ›
March 4, 2022 Kenya
Since 2013, Embracing the World Kenya and Vision Without Borders, Spain have collaborated with local doctors across the country to perform free cataract surgeries. The teams have now completed more than 1,900 procedures, and this year, it happened despite the fact Kenya was under COVID-19... more ›
January 31, 2022 Global
As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of Indian Independence , ' Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav',  the Ministry of Education, GOI, has undertaken a noble goal to perform 750 million Surya Namaskarams across the world, by individuals, groups, organizations and educational institutions. As children... more ›
December 4, 2021 Kerala, India
Watch this informative clip on Breast Cancer by a doctor from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS).