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January 21, 2022 Quebec
Bienvenue ! Contactez-nous afin de recevoir le lien. Please, contact us to get the link.
January 3, 2022 Dallas, Texas
Being inspired from the recent ... more ›
January 3, 2022 Quebec
Activités communautaires Noël 2021 ♦⧝⟺⧝♦ Christmas 2021 community activities Mission Bon Accueil: de bonnes nouvelles !
Le 3 décembre dernier, un petit groupe de six personnes, tel qu'exigé par... more ›
December 2, 2021 Ashram Garden
While MA Center NY/NJ lay dormant, our ashram vegetable garden
became the responsibility of the Westchester Satsang who grew more
than fifty pounds of vegetables to donate to a local food bank. Eleven volunteers grew vegetables from seed, expanded our vegetable beds,
helped... more ›
November 28, 2021 IL
"There is one truth that shines through all of creation. God is the pure consciousness that dwells in everything. Rivers, mountains, plants, animals, the sun, moon and stars, you and I...are all expressions of this one Reality. It is by assimilating this truth into our lives, and thus... more ›
October 27, 2021 Toronto, Canada
Keeping the hives healthy and cozy as winter approaches Fall is here, and winter will follow soon. The bee team is now in the phase of fall management, making sure our bee colonies are healthy and cozy through the winter months ahead. The team will soon be doing a final mite treatment, and... more ›
October 2, 2021 Santa Fe, NM
Amma Center Community Service Amma Center of NM continues community service in safer style for Covid. For decades volunteers cook meals twice monthly at local shelters. Since COVID the Center has volunteers that cook a portion of the meal and safely drop off the food outside for a no-contact... more ›
October 1, 2021 San Ramon, CA
Bags of Hope for the Homeless for Amma's 68th birthday This year the GreenFriend’s team wanted to do something for the community on Amma’s Birthday, spreading Her message of Motherhood and helping those less fortunate.
When this peace initiative of giving 68 Bags of Hope inspired by Claudia... more ›
October 1, 2021 Chicago
Madder has been grown for centuries for its excellent dyeing properties. A member of the coffee family, this perennial has roots that make for a bright red dye that doesn’t fade in the light. Madder root is a natural source of red, pink, orange, apricot, lilac, purple, brown, and black shades of... more ›
September 27, 2021 Santa Fe, NM
The New Mexico GreenFriends Growers Project - a New Mexico GreenFriends initiative “Everyone should grow trees and plants in their yard.” - Amma Amma has encouraged everyone to grow a garden and medicinal plants wherever we may be on the planet and to plant trees.  If you would like to... more ›