North American News

November 5, 2018 ann arbor
Amma Center of Michigan has five AYUDH rockstars, all cousins, who decided to forgo Taco Bell for one year, and donate those savings, a total of $1108, to Amma’s November U.S. Tour in Detroit.  Naren, Prashant, Arun (in photo from left to right), Jay and Priya (not in photo as they live in... more ›
November 5, 2018 ann arbor
Amma has raised our awareness about conservation and being part of an enduring ecosystem.  Trees are a critical part of conservation since they provide habitat for numerous birds, small animals, wildflowers and understory growth.  But in recent years, tree loss has increased by approximately 50%... more ›
November 4, 2018 Vancouver, B.C. Satsang
Our yearly yard sale took place on an overcast day in August. Rain was promised but we braved the forecast. Starting early we started unpacking and setting things on tables, shelving and on tarpaulins. There seemed to be a never ending stream of donations to unpack and whilst we were unpacking the... more ›
October 17, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Planted 50 trees in honour of Amma's 65th birthday
On Saturday, Oct 13, six members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH and... more ›
October 14, 2018 Atlanta
On Sat Oct 6th 2018, we had the wonderful blessing of honoring Amma's 65th birthday and teachings with a special seva for Mother Earth.
We joined the River's Alive organization for yet another year of their annual clean up along the waterways. They were very excited that
a well... more ›
October 12, 2018 Ann Arbor
Swami Shantamrita from MA Center Midwest joins us for special satsangs in three different cities for four events in preparation for Amma's upcoming visit to Detroit this November.   Please join us for these enlightening and joyful satsangs with Swami Shantamrita on:  Sat, Oct. 20... more ›
October 5, 2018 Toronto, Canada
The value of the Guru depends on how we see the Guru On Saturday, September 15 at 11:00 AM, Amma's Toronto Satsang had the blessing of celebrating Amma's birthday with Dayamrita Chaitanya Swamiji. About eighty people were in attendance, including devotees from Quebec and British Columbia. After... more ›
October 2, 2018 Redondo Beach, CA 90277
On September 30, 2018, Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya, celebrated Amma’s birthday at the MA Center LA in Redondo Beach where devotees from Southern California offered Garland of Gratitutde, Swamiji’s Satsang, Bhajans, and cultural programs from local Indian dance companies and musicians. Green Friends... more ›
October 1, 2018 Northern California
Emergency Preparedness Plan - Initiative launched for Amma's birthday at MA Center The first project to emerge from a wider effort at MA Center San Ramon for Emergency Preparedness was launched on Amma's birthday - a basic and standard... more ›
September 30, 2018 San Ramon, CA
Trees for Amma’s birthday - participate until December 20 Our goal for this project is to plant trees all over North America, in honor of our beloved Amma’s birthday. We are happy to report that many devotees are responding with joy and enthusiasm. You can still participate! Amma’s birthday has... more ›