North American News

January 12, 2019 New England
Dear Friends, This summer, for the 32nd year in a row, Amma will again visit the New England area to offer her solace and support to all who seek it. In 2019, these two days of programs are expected to cost upwards of $75,000. A handful of volunteers from New England are working... more ›
January 9, 2019 New Mexico
Amma 2019 Program Guide The Program Guide is the ONLY fundraiser conducted to bring Amma to NM. The goal is to raise $35,000, so everyone’s assistance and participation in this important project is greatly appreciated. EXISTING ADVERTISERS: Patty Smith will be sending emails out to... more ›
January 4, 2019 Chicago
Food forests produce an abundance of perennial foods by mimicking the patterns of natural forests and local biomes. The MA Center Chicago food forest recently received some TLC in the form of cardboard and straw applied to its hügelkultur mound to help prepare it for planting in the spring. Our... more ›
January 4, 2019 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH Toronto finish 2018 by giving
The Toronto chapter of AYUDH closed 2018 by helping youth in need at Youth Without Shelter (YWS). Throughout the month of December, AYUDH Toronto collected donations of much needed essentials for the homeless youth, such... more ›
January 2, 2019 San Ramon, CA
Program Guide 2019 - Support Amma's Summer Tour  The Tour-city teams are looking ahead to Amma's 2019 summer visit - Join the excitement and anticipation of Amma's Tour. Help the Tour cities raise the money to organize Amma's programs.
Some ways you can help your Tour city : - Buy ad space... more ›
January 1, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Changing our attitude is what makes the New Year fresh On Saturday, December 29, Amma's Toronto Satsang enjoyed a special satsang with Br. Ramanand, just before the start of a New Year - 2019. In his discourse, Ramanandji asked the devotees: What... more ›
December 19, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Wrapping up smiles and reflecting of richness
On Saturday, December 8, three AYUDH Toronto members and one mentor took part in a gift wrapping seva held at Salvation Army at 160 Jarvis Street, in downtown... more ›
December 6, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Youth supporting youth in need This holiday season, the Toronto chapter of AYUDH is proud to be running a Holiday Gift Drive in support of Youth Without Shelter... more ›
November 27, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Parliament of World Religions – Toronto November 1-7, 2018 The Parliament of World Religions (PoWR) met in Toronto from November 1 to 7, 2018. The first PoWR met in 1893 in the city of Chicago, and was the first organized interfaith gathering.  It was at this very gathering that... more ›
November 20, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Serving with love and awareness
On Saturday, November 17, six members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH and two mentors returned to... more ›