North American News

November 28, 2020 Michigan
November 22, 2020 Ann Arbor
Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake orders are ready for pickup in the ashram. Masks too. First come first serve. Preorders, please let Susan or Ajitha know when you will be by to pick them up or if you’d like a particular pie reserved- much like each one of us, each pie has it’s own unique... more ›
November 18, 2020 Santa Fe, NM
Embracing the World Online Silent Auction The Embracing the World Disaster Relief Online Silent Auction is OPEN FOR BIDDING!  Visit to view and bid on... more ›
November 7, 2020 MD, DC, VA
In Amma's 67th Birthday Message Guidelines she had mentioned: Make protecting Nature a part of your daily routine. Do not belittle the forces of Nature and see them as inferior.  Clean up the litter and make your local park,... more ›
October 31, 2020 Ann Arbor
October 29, 2020 Ann Arbor
October 25, 2020 DC, MD, VA
|| Om Amriteswaryai Namah ||   Many of you have expressed a desire during the on going Navaratri observances to donate toward MA Center DC and Embracing the World charities. We have created two links for your convenience. You may click on either of the links to make a donation.  Thank you very much... more ›
October 3, 2020 San Ramon, CA
Coming soon! Volunteer Opportunities -  to Serve at your local Center or Serve from Home.
October 3, 2020 Santa Fe, NM
New Courses from Amrita Virtual Academy!     Amritaculture: Sustainable Gardening
    Courses & workshops from the Ecology Center at Amritapuri (Natural Soap Making, Amrita Upcycle: Creative Solutions for Plastic Waste and Natural Bodycare Products)
    Mantra Japa Sadhana (day-... more ›
October 3, 2020 Santa Fe, NM
Amma's 67th Birthday Message - COVID-19 Is Nature Telling Man to Mend His Ways... Amma's 67th birthday was celebrated exclusively as a day of global prayer for world peace. Amma clarified that COVID is not a punishment from Nature, but a warning to help humankind correct its behavior. Amma then... more ›