February 28, 2018 San Ramon, CA
March 10, 6 pm Special Talk by Catherine Wanjohi, Kenya Catherine Wanjohi is an advocate for sex workers across Kenya, as well as founder and director of Life Bloom Services International. She met Amma for the... more ›
December 22, 2017 San Ramon, CA
Support Amma's Summer 2018 Tour - Participate in the Program Guide effort The Program Guide ad revenue contributes significantly towards the organization of Amma's Tour, making it possible for even more people to receive Amma's blessing. All the work is done by Program Guide teams in the Tour... more ›
October 23, 2017 San Ramon, CA
Embracing the World Volunteers donate Supplies to Victims of the NorCal Fires- Starts Collection of goods for the Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico NORCAL FIRES RELIEF EFFORT On Sunday, Oct. 15th, Embracing the World volunteers headed to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to deliver... more ›
October 11, 2017 San Ramon, CA
The MA Center is offering refuge to those devotees who have had to evacuate because of the recent fires. Temporary housing is available subject to space availability. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are coping with this tragedy. May Amma bless all who are suffering. Please contact us at... more ›
September 26, 2017 San Ramon, CA
This year marks a very special year as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Amma coming to North America. It all started in 1986 when one American devotee, after visiting Amma in India, sent Amma an invitation to come to North America. Reading the invitation, Amma told her disciples, “My children... more ›
September 7, 2017 San Ramon, CA
AMRITA YOGA BEGINNERS CLASSES “The purpose of Yoga is for our inner well-being. It does not belong to any particular faith or religion. It was passed on to us by the ancient seers for the well-being of humanity. Yoga helps us to reconnect with nature and eventually become one with God.” – ... more ›
August 28, 2017 San Ramon, CA
MUSIC CLASSES START ON SEPTEMBER 9TH! The MA Center is now offering harmonium, tabla, violin, guitar and keyboard classes.  Most classes will be held at the MA Center in Castro Valley, CA. Harmonium will also be offered at a location in the South Bay. Click the buttons below to view the schedule... more ›
July 31, 2017 San Ramon, CA
Due to extreme hot weather conditions and the subsequent advisory issued by Governmental weather agencies, we are forced to postpone the Amrita SRI silent retreat. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this sudden cancellation of the retreat. This decision has been taken in the... more ›
July 15, 2017 San Ramon, CA
Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri at MA Center San Ramon - August 10-16. There will be daily programs. Avail of this special opportunity to learn from one of Amma's senior disciples.  Schedule at MA Center
August 10:... more ›
May 23, 2017 San Ramon, CA
This year, in an effort to keep up with the global increase in security around public figures, including Amma, there are some new safety measures being implemented for the entire tour. These security measures are already in effect for Amma’s recent and current tours in India, Indonesia,... more ›