October 26, 2019 San Ramon, CA
Amma's Fall 2019 Tour information is as below.
Also visit Amma in USA Fall 2019 Los Angeles, California
Location:... more ›
September 12, 2019 San Ramon, CA
Embracing the World Silent Auction 2019 
ends September 29, 11:45 PM PDT The annual online Embracing the World auction is live now. Take this opportunity to find precious Amma treasures that will bless your lives and homes while ... more ›
July 12, 2019 San Ramon, CA
Amma’s second stop of the North American tour took place at the beautiful MA Center in San Ramon, Amma’s first ashram in the United States. Once a barren landscape, the MA Center is now is a pure example of Amma’s... more ›
January 2, 2019 San Ramon, CA
Program Guide 2019 - Support Amma's Summer Tour  The Program Guide effort is over for 2019 - Big thank you to all those who contributed so generously. The Tour-city teams are looking ahead to Amma's 2019 summer visit - Join the excitement and anticipation of Amma's Tour. Help the... more ›
November 18, 2018 San Ramon, CA
It was harvesting time at the ashram, and the young apple trees were full of offerings.  The community came together to start November off by harvesting apples in Amma's orchard.  Most these apples will be used for Ammas prasad for her upcoming Novemeber visit.  Ammas children of all ages helped... more ›
October 1, 2018 Northern California
Emergency Preparedness Plan - Initiative launched for Amma's birthday at MA Center The first project to emerge from a wider effort at MA Center San Ramon for Emergency Preparedness was launched on Amma's birthday - a basic and standard... more ›
September 30, 2018 San Ramon, CA
Trees for Amma’s birthday - participate until December 20 Our goal for this project is to plant trees all over North America, in honor of our beloved Amma’s birthday. We are happy to report that many devotees are responding with joy and enthusiasm. You can still participate! Amma’s birthday has... more ›
September 1, 2018 San Ramon, CA
Silent Auction to Benefit ETW Kerala Flood Relief Efforts 
Ends September 30 midnight, PDT
Auction site: ETWAuctions2018. MA... more ›
August 18, 2018 San Ramon, CA
With torrential rains continuing to soak Kerala, Amma is giving Rs. 10 crores [$1,418,000 U.S.] to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. Embracing the World is also conducting night-and-day relief and medical camps, providing food, clothing and medical aid. Some areas are so flooded... more ›
August 14, 2018 San Ramon, CA
This year, over 20 AYUDH Bay Area members attended the annual Ripple Effect youth summit, hosted by AYUDH Americas at ... more ›