April 6, 2022 Toronto, Canada
It has been a tough winter for the bees Greetings from the Bee Team! Welcome Spring! The Bee Team is sad to report that we lost three of our five colonies due to varroa mites in mid-September. Varroa mites are the most serious threat to honey bees. They are external parasites feeding on the bee’s... more ›
April 6, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Welcome back to the Farm!
Happy Spring, Everyone! Greetings from the Farm Team! With the sun gradually gaining strength and with the re-opening of the Farm to volunteers, the Farm Team can once again welcome you. Many seva opportunities await in the months to come! The orchard team is... more ›
March 16, 2022 Toronto, Canada
The MA Center Board has announced that Satsangs may now resume provided that they follow the guidelines and precautions below. We must all remember that the health and safety of all who wish to attend Satsang should remain uppermost in our minds and hearts. The following protocols were prepared in... more ›
October 27, 2021 Toronto, Canada
Keeping the hives healthy and cozy as winter approaches Fall is here, and winter will follow soon. The bee team is now in the phase of fall management, making sure our bee colonies are healthy and cozy through the winter months ahead. The team will soon be doing a final mite treatment, and... more ›
September 1, 2021 Toronto, Canada
The bees are 'bearding' to cool down
It is a bee-zy time at the hives for both bees and beekeepers! The team continues to mindfully inspect the hives, testing and treating mites, monitoring pests and potential diseases, replenishing the water supply, and keeping an eye out for... more ›
July 21, 2021 Toronto, Canada
Welcoming two new hives
A beekeeper's work is never done. June was a work month for the Bee Team: the beekeepers inspected the current colonies, monitored hives for queen cells, eggs, brood and swarms, assessed mite counts, repaired broken equipment, took inventory of their present equipment... more ›
May 18, 2021 Toronto, Canada
Since May 20 is World Bee Day, it is good to take a moment to give thanks to these little insects which we depend on for food. Across the globe, more than 75% of our food crops depend on pollinators like bees and butterflies to bear fruit. You can thank a bee every time you eat a fruit, smell a... more ›
May 18, 2021 Toronto, Canada
In early April, the Farm team prepared trays of special mixed soil and planted various vegetable seeds. They have been lovingly tended over the past weeks, in a warm and moist environment inside our greenhouse. The seedlings have grown! Previously, about eight beds of raised soil were made. This... more ›
May 12, 2021 Toronto, Canada
As the weather warms during the day, the bees are becoming more active and out foraging. The beekeeping team is seeing tons of dandelions, which are their main source of nectar and pollen at this time. There are also blossoms on the orchard trees and other flowers poking up on the grounds for the... more ›
April 26, 2021 Toronto, Canada
Apr 24: Rama & Hanuman Bhajan Evening with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya
Kindly use the link below to watch the Rama & Hanuman Bhajan Evening with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya that first aired on April 24, 2021 https://www.youtube.... more ›