May 30, 2023 Toronto, Canada
A lot of ground work done! A lot of ground work was completed with so many hands last weekend. Jai Amma! A hearty thank you to all of the devotees who came and gave generously of their time. A delicious veggie burger lunch was served and much laughter was shared among us all. Farm Seva This... more ›
May 23, 2023 Toronto, Canada
Veggie Garden Planted! Our beloved Amma blessed us with three glorious days of vegetable planting!  A big heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who came in different shifts, and planted a variety of veggies: tomatoes, Swiss chard, onions, kale, eggplant, poi (Malabar spinach), zucchini... more ›
May 17, 2023 Toronto, Canada
Planting the Veggie Garden Farming season is now in full swing! Thanks to the volunteers who came last Saturday to prepare the ground for the veggie garden. We are ready to plant the vegetable seedlings this weekend. Extra hands are needed and welcomed! Planting starts ... more ›
May 3, 2023 Toronto, Canada
The 2023 Farming season is set to begin! Happy Spring, Everyone! The 2023 Farming season is set to begin! We are looking forward to a summer filled with the joy of service. We have many seva opportunities this season in four areas – the bee hives, the orchard, the... more ›
April 5, 2023 Toronto, Canada
Following the launch of AYUDH Give Initiative by AYUDH North Americas, AYUDH TO in collaboration with Amma Toronto satsang members focused on donating to Youth Without Shelter. Youth Without Shelter (YWS) is a charity organization based in Etobicoke... more ›
April 5, 2023 Toronto, Canada
Welcome to the 2023 Farming Season! As the spring rains wash away the snows of winter, the Farm Team is beginning to dream up and prepare for a 'better-than-ever' farming season this year. Weather permitting, the Orchard team will begin the season this coming Saturday, April 8,... more ›
March 10, 2023 Toronto, Canada
Tomato, Cucumber, Eggplant, and Pepper Seedlings for Sale Thinking of growing some vegetables this year? This Spring, the Farm Team will offering veggie seedlings for sale for $4-$5 each. Seedlings will be available for pick-up from the Farm in Georgetown... more ›
February 8, 2023 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH TORONTO is hosting a donation drive to kick off 2023 in a positive note by helping homeless youth in Toronto! We are collecting items to donate to Youth Without Shelter. The collection will begin on February 11, 2023 and continue until February... more ›
November 29, 2022 Toronto, Canada
The Farm Team is selling an assortment of products all lovingly made with Farm fruits, veggies, and herbs. Due to the postponing of Swamiji's Dec 24 to Jan 8, the final day of the Farm Holiday Sale will be Sunday, Jan 8 from 1-2 PM, and from 5-6 PM. Pick up available at the Farm in Georgetown or... more ›
November 9, 2022 Toronto, Canada
help us get the orchard cleaned up and ready for 2023 Our orchard has suffered tremendous losses over the past several years due to an infestation of the apple fly maggot. This year, approximately 75% of our apples were affected by the maggots resulting in a significant loss of potential revenue... more ›