September 6, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Summer Turns to Fall on the Farm Despite the lack of rain this summer, our garden is alive and abundant with vibrant summer colours. This past long weekend, we harvested green beans, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplants, kale and Malabar spinach. With Fall just around the corner, the Farm Team unearthed... more ›
August 24, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Garden Abundance and Summer Pasta With a hot, summer day ahead and the Garage Sale expecting to bring in a larger crowd, many of the volunteers arrived at the farm early. By 9 Am, a small team gathered in the garden to harvest the organic vegetables and have them ready to sell at the vegetable... more ›
August 17, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Summer's abundance at the Farm Some Farm team members arrived bright and early Saturday morning to harvest the garden’s fresh, organic vegetables and have them ready for sale. By 10 AM, the veggie table was filled with kale, Swiss chard, Malabar spinach, green beans, eggplants, carrots, cabbage,... more ›
August 3, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Veggie harvesting and farm stand sales are in full swing! Due to the Civic Holiday, it was a quieter day at the farm. Our small team of dedicated volunteers began with harvesting vegetables and putting up handmade signs by the road to attract buyers to our farm stand. We harvested green beans,... more ›
July 21, 2022 Toronto, Canada
The Farm is blessed with a visit with Swamiji
The Farm was blessed with a visit from Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya on Saturday, July 16. He visited the vegetable garden where he spent some time harvesting with the team. Swamiji was impressed with the size of the garden, and the various and... more ›
July 13, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Cherry season has arrived at the Farm! With the cherry season coming to an end in mid July, our small Farm team has dedicated a lot of its time these past couple of weekends to cherry picking. The cherries have been abundant and delicious, especially at the top of the trees. Using ladders, the... more ›
June 27, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Given the current pandemic situation in Ontario and the lifting of many restrictions, Amma Toronto satsang will be abiding by the following updated guidelines for in-person satsangs, beginning in July 2022. Let us all keep the health and safety of all who wish to attend Satsang uppermost in our... more ›
April 6, 2022 Toronto, Canada
It has been a tough winter for the bees Greetings from the Bee Team! Welcome Spring! The Bee Team is sad to report that we lost three of our five colonies due to varroa mites in mid-September. Varroa mites are the most serious threat to honey bees. They are external parasites feeding on the bee’s... more ›
April 6, 2022 Toronto, Canada
Welcome back to the Farm!
Happy Spring, Everyone! Greetings from the Farm Team! With the sun gradually gaining strength and with the re-opening of the Farm to volunteers, the Farm Team can once again welcome you. Many seva opportunities await in the months to come! The orchard team is... more ›
March 16, 2022 Toronto, Canada
The MA Center Board has announced that Satsangs may now resume provided that they follow the guidelines and precautions below. We must all remember that the health and safety of all who wish to attend Satsang should remain uppermost in our minds and hearts. The following protocols were prepared in... more ›