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Education that focuses on a culture of the heart - C20 Summit

The Civil 20 Summit on Education & Digital Transformation has been inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram with several dignitaries from India and abroad in attendance. Across two days, hundreds of delegates from civil society organisations (CSOs), experts, and stakeholders identified the most pressing challenges faced by education and the evolution of digital access. They will work on building innovative solutions and best practices that will directly impact policy recommendations to be launched at India’s Civil 20 (C20) Summit in Jaipur in July.  

Excerpts from Amma’s Message

“Humanity is facing many extraordinary challenges. Today, human beings need two qualities: the wisdom to recognise the problem and the mental attitude and intelligence to correct it. Everyone who lives in this world must obey the universal law of inclusion. If we try to forcefully impose laws of exclusion, it will only result in disharmony and danger,” said Amma in her video address as Chair of C20.  

“What we are experiencing today is the result of many people interfering with the fabric of the universe. The huge leap in science and technology, along with misuse of the Internet and increasing drug abuse among students, are all contributing to the predicament we face.”  
Amma continued: “The ‘new’ should never be allowed to trample on the ‘old’. New discoveries can also mean unique, new hazards. Before such discoveries become a permanent headache to society, we need to find solutions to their potential negative repercussions and threats that could manifest. Another concern is the mental health of children after the COVID pandemic.  

“The children appear to be quite different from their former selves. What they have is the beginning of a depression and anxiety disorder that results from smartphone overuse. If we catch it at the beginning and offer timely counselling, it can be prevented from deepening into a psychological problem. Otherwise, they will become psychologically affected for life.” 

Excerpts from Swami Amritaswarupananda’s message

In addressing the gathering, Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri emphasised Amma’s teaching that the main purpose of education is to impart a culture of the heart.  

“It is true that our students are passing their exams with flying colors, and we are creating brilliant scientists and engineers. But what does our education system do to instill a culture of the heart in our students? How many loving, compassionate, and selfless human beings did our education system create in the last century?” said Swamiji.  

“Our education system needs a total revamp so that it can create more compassionate people, more who express love than hate. We need more people who look at the world with wonder, who would fall in love with nature, and unconditionally appreciate the unparalleled efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of the Creator.” 

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