December 29, 2014 Vancouver, BC, Canada
This year, in conjunction with Quest, we shopped for, gift wrapped, and delivered items on the wish-lists of 5 young families in particular need this season. With lots of teamwork, and plenty of good cheer, we managed to fill our own hearts along with the gift hampers we put together. The good... more ›
February 24, 2014 Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Northwest Retreat took place at Camp Pringle located on beautiful Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. The retreat started on February 14 with more people arriving the next day. There were about 100 people present for Swami Dyamrita's visit on February 15. We were so delighted to have... more ›
January 28, 2014 Vancouver, B.C.
We are so very blessed each year to have Amma’s physical presence in Bellevue/Seattle. In times where the world needs such selfless love and grace, we are truly grateful. Amma’s programs and charitable activities are made possible through the selfless... more ›
October 7, 2013 Vancouver, BC
Amma's auspicious 60th birthday celebrations were held with great love and devotion by Jasbir and Neal and their family in their lovely home in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The event began with a reverential Pada Puja in which ghee, yogurt, milk, honey and rose water were symbolically offered to Amma's... more ›
July 11, 2013 Vancouver, B.C. Canada
The day was warm. But under the generous branches of the trees in front of Tusthi and Prakash's home, the air was cool and gentle......just the sort of day to have a successful garage sale! At first we worried we didn't have as much inventory as in previous years. We worried that with the sky being... more ›
May 20, 2013 Vancouver, B.C.
On Tuesday, April 23 Vancouver was blessed to have satsang with Swami Dayamrita. Despite it being a somewhat spontaneous event - only having one week's notice to put together the program and send out invites; and despite it being held on a weeknight - about ninety people turned up for an evening of... more ›
September 24, 2012 Vancouver, BC
Seven of us gathered at Quest - a non-profit organization that redistributes food to those in need - on September 15. Once there, we discovered that our task was to work on re-packaging a ton of rice into four-cup sized servings! We didn't quite make it through the whole ton, but we did make a... more ›
September 24, 2012 Vancouver, B.C.
About 60 people joined the celebration of Amma's 59th. birthday in Vancouver, BC. The celebration included worship of the guru's feet, or pada puja, recitation of Amma's 108 names, a reading from Amma's texts, heartfelt devotional singing and the evening concluded with a scrumptuous dinner... more ›
August 20, 2012 Vancouver
Every year amid much hard work and enthusiasm the Vancouver satsang garage sale raises money for Amma's charities. This year a successful garage sale was held on July 8 and 9th. While Amma's grace alone is sufficient for her charities, it is a beautiful lesson for those involved in the art of... more ›
June 16, 2012 Vancouver
Tonight, [June 13, 2012] there were 3 of us to initiate the Amma Vancouver Blood Donor Team. After the initial screenings etc., with a very efficient team, it only took 5 minutes to actually give the blood. Then it was the red carpet treatment over to the juice and cookie table.... and the great... more ›