May 3, 2019 Dallas, Texas
Our beloved Amma is providing us in the South Central area the precious opportunity to serve her as a host city during the upcoming Dallas Tour stop. Amma will be holding program in the Dallas metropolitan area on June 25 & 26. May we all utilize this auspicious occasion to serve Amma and all... more ›
September 6, 2018 Dallas, Texas
After more than a year, the major renovations to Amma’s Dallas-area ashram are finally complete, and over the weekend of September 1-3, 2018, devotees came from all over the region to celebrate and take part in various activities and programs at the beautiful rural property located just north of... more ›
December 25, 2017 Dallas, Texas
On December 24, 2017, Christmas Eve, the time of festivities and spiritual enlightenment, was celebrated at the Dallas Ashram with Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya. This holiday was celebrated with joyful activities as families and friends came together as one large family. Every year for thousands of... more ›