April 18, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
AYUDH’s no-label deodorant was made in response to the ... more ›
April 10, 2018 Ocala, FL
SOURCE REDUCTION ACTIONS THAT ARE PART OF MY EVERYDAY LIFE Remember: you can’t “throw anything away”.  There is no “AWAY”! There’s no “DISPOSABLE” either! Carry your own bags to every store. When buying loose produce, I use EVERT-FRESH GREEN BAGS. (... more ›
April 10, 2018 Athens, GA
In addition to taking the Reduction Challenge and implementing more recycling opportunities at the location where our Satsang meets, at the Healing Arts Centre, we are in the process of forming an alliance with Jubilee Partners:   Jubilee... more ›
April 10, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
  Thursday Apr 19 7:00pm - 8:00pm Guided Meditation with Br. Ramanand Br. Ramanand will be leading us in a One-Hour... more ›
March 27, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Once again Amma has brought her children together in absolute harmony to host an event and welcome a larger community to the MA Center and Embracing the World. It was a great success in so many ways and was only possible Thanks to All of the volunteers, seen and unseen, and Amma’s Grace.     The... more ›
March 21, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
| Aum Amriteswaryai Namah | Since the launch of the GreenFriends source reduction campaign, we are thrilled to see so much participation. Thank you everyone for your efforts. The following article highlights some of the steps... more ›
March 21, 2018 Athens, GA
Materials: Beeswax A heat-proof container to melt the beeswax Fabric cut to any size, like 8″ X 8″ or 12″ X 12″, in the thinnest, tightest weave material you can find (tightly woven muslin is ideal) Tongs or chopsticks Instructions: Place enough beeswax in your heat-proof container so that, once... more ›
March 21, 2018 Athens, GA
As the GreenFriends North America Plastic Challenge launched, it was clear that in a country surrounded by plastic, knowing where to start and how to move forward would be daunting tasks. In the following article, Amala's tips, illustrated by her own heartwarming and humorous journey, both... more ›
March 21, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
  After having read our Beloved Amma's message,  it keeps on coming to my mind wherever I go for shopping. It makes me feel guilty to carry groceries in plastic bags now... which is a good sign, a harbinger to... more ›
February 27, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
MATT VENUTI is a singer/songwriter who plays rare and captivating acoustic and electronic musical instruments. His songs, stories, spoken word and instrumental music have earned him the accolades of many world-wide fans. He’s one of the premier players of this new breed of... more ›