February 14, 2017 Ann Arbor
Honoring and celebrating Seniors in our community Respecting and appreciating elders is a sentiment ingrained in our culture, so in celebration of Valentines Day, youth members (AYUDH), with the help of some slightly older satsang members, organized a Valentine's Day Serenade, Karaoke and Crafts... more ›
February 4, 2017 Detroit Area Satsang
January 17, 2017 Ann Arbor
On Monday, the AYUDH chapter of the University of Michigan journeyed to Flint to partner with Baker College to join in the Martin Luther King Day of Service projects for 2017. This was comprised of four projects: 1) Creating Laundry Soap, made using grated bars of soap, for distribution to... more ›
October 21, 2015 Amrita Farms
About Amrita Farms at the Amma Center Michigan is devoted to community enrichment through agri-science research and education. We facilitate real world and hands-on education programs designed to empower people through working with Nature.  With awareness of sustainability and our impact on... more ›
May 23, 2012 Ann Arbor
  The past year has been one of the most exciting and
accomplished in Amma Center Michigan history! The ACM community joined hands and hearts to serve as stewards of Amma's beautiful Michigan land to work together on projects that will help catapult ACM into the
field of model... more ›
May 23, 2012 Ann Arbor
May 22, 2012 Ann Arbor
    Amma Center Embraces Solar – Goes “Green”   The Amma Center has undertaken major steps to protect the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. Srinergy recently completed the installation of three solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems, including 112 solar panels, on our 40-acre property. It... more ›