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Environmental Protection

Throughout her life, Amma has expressed deep concern for the environment. She has publicly called on us to take concrete steps toward the restoration of nature’s delicate balance, including conservation of resources, reforestation efforts, and lifestyle changes. Since 2001, our volunteers have participated in a wide range of nature conservation activities and promoted environmental awareness across the globe through GreenFriends, our environmental movement.

Our earth is serving us. The sun, the moon and the stars all serve us. What can we do in return for their selfless service?

- Amma


Why it Matters

10 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year.

97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real, that it is caused by human behavior, and that if humanity is to prosper in the long run, major changes are needed.*


* Source: N. Oreskes, “Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change,” Science Vol. 306 no. 5702 

Our Work

Member organization of the UN Billion Tree Campaign coordinating the global planting of over a million trees and committed to planting an additional 6 million.
a circle of hands holding seedballs
During Civil 20 India, our teams dispersed more than 2 million seedballs worldwide. This included participation by the Govt of Puducherry, the Indian Navy and the Tamil Nadu Forestry Department.
Nationwide public health and environmental awareness campaign
Grassroots initiatives worldwide promoting the cultivation of organic food, preservation of biodiversity through heritage seed banks, free seed distribution, and education for sustainable gardening pr
Embracing zero waste from top to bottom; implementing composting systems, recycling centers, and innovative projects worldwide to minimize environmental impact.
Sowing the seeds of a better future through global centers that are models of sustainable living and environmental integrity.
An initiative officially recognized by UNESCO, inspiring environmental action and awareness through grassroots efforts, online engagement, and global outreach.
Cost-effective, eco-friendly reusable pads bring financial independence

Our Impact

Trees planted since 2001
1 M
Clean-up drives across the globe
Toilets constructed for the poor
Waste recycled in our HQ
1 %

Our Partners

We collaborate with leading humanitarian and environmental institutions worldwide

Get Involved


The vast majority of our work is carried out by local volunteers.


Make a contribution to support our humanitarian work.

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We collaborate with academic institutions or NGOs

Amma presents the kind of leadership we need for our planet to survive. This is the most heroic person I’ve probably ever met.

Social activist & Pulitzer Prize Winner

Watch Amma’s daily livestream

Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

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