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Preserving heritage seeds and a grassroots approach to fostering a healthy lifestyle

Amma feels strongly that everyone should be able to eat vegetables grown organically at least once in a week, and that the act of growing these vegetables on one’s own is a practical step we can all take to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature. Inspired by this call, our volunteers have started cultivating organic gardens in their own home and in community gardens all over the world. Through online learning and local training courses, volunteers learn how to utilize every possible location to grow vegetables – from balconies to window sills to community gardens. While we recognize the value of biotechnology in reducing world hunger, we also recognize the importance of preserving heritage seeds. In that spirit, we work to inspire the world community to rise to the challenge of growing and developing a seed bank with non-genetically altered seeds.

In February 2013, Amma launched an initiative to promote the cultivation of organic food in Kerala, India. We distributed free seeds to 10,000 women so they can grow organic vegetables to feed their families. A total of 1,000 acres of land has been earmarked for this project, and we’re also arranging training and demonstration classes by organic farmers.

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