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InDeed Campaign for Nature - Worldwide

Online, grassroots and worldwide: Environmental education and awareness campaigns

The InDeed Campaign for Nature is based on Amma’s ideas about practical ways to use the Earth’s remaining resources. It is what each of us can do right now – in our own backyards – to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature through 6 easy commitments:

• Conserve Water

• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Plant a tree

• Grow your own vegetables

• Carpool

• Build a house for birds or bugs

The campaign was planned as a one-year project to share the knowledge of how as a community, we can work together to improve the health of our planet’s environment. During that time in 2013, more than 26,000 individuals officially dedicated themselves to taking part. Now years later, people continue to share these ideas.

In 2014, the InDeed Campaign for Nature was officially recognized by UNESCO as a project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

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Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

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