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Clean India, Beautiful India

Nationwide public health initiative and environmental awareness campaign

The Amala Bharatam Campaign (ABC) is a significant initiative with a dual focus on public health improvement and environmental preservation in India. The campaign, spearheaded by Amma, calls upon all Indian citizens to actively engage in efforts to enhance public spaces’ cleanliness, promote hygiene and health practices, and establish responsible waste management procedures. ABC’s multifaceted approach includes cleaning public areas, constructing public toilets, and raising awareness in schools about proper waste disposal.

Kerala, where ABC was first introduced, has undergone extensive clean-up drives in major towns and cities. The campaign has expanded across India, garnering participation from high-ranking government officials, including the Chief Minister of New Delhi. The program holds immense potential to contribute significantly to India’s public health objectives, particularly in reducing poor sanitation, the leading cause of infection worldwide. Additionally, ABC distributes handkerchiefs to over a million school children, promoting responsible alternatives to spitting in public spaces.

The campaign aligns with the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, emphasizing universal sanitation coverage. Notably, during the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention, Amma received recognition for her substantial contribution of Rs. 100 crores ($14 million U.S.) to the Swacch Bharat Kosh, which was utilized to construct toilets for underprivileged communities along the Ganges riverbanks.

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