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International Day of Yoga

Internation Day of Yoga in Chicago 2017

The Mata Amritanandamayi Math is Celebrating 30 Years of Amrita Yoga training and outreach. Through Her unconditional love & selfless service to humanity, Amma, the unique master has been constantly reminding us of the relationship between man, nature and God, our true Self. In Amma's own words, "The World and God are one. The Creator & Creation are not two." Amma serves as the perfect catalyst to help us connect these three, thereby creating a state of equilibrium in the lives of people all over the world. This connection and harmony which Amma brings in the lives of countless people is the true goal of yoga. Since the early years, Amma has always viewed hatha yoga as an integral part of our healthy daily life. Initiated in 1987, yoga classes at the ashram and centers were based on Amma's message of "Living from the Heart."

Amma says, "The body is like a bridge that connects us with our inner self. The human body is the temple of the indwelling God. Hence, purification of the body is very important."

International Day of Yoga 2017 was celebrated by Amma's children all over the world and also here in Chicago, in Amma's divine presence. People from different walks of life and different age groups performed yoga postures in front of Amma. While guiding the people through the Yoga techniques, Amma said,  "Although it is important that we wear loose clothing while doing yoga postures, our minds should be firm."