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Empowering Women Projects

Reusable sanitary napkins - an eco-friendly project creating jobs for village women

When it comes to women, there is a great gift God has bestowed upon them: the boon of the womb. Only a woman can become a mother. Only the woman is empowered to bring a soul to Earth by rearing and nurturing the soul until the pre-destined time of birth. Only a woman can nourish the child with breast milk; a man can never do that. Women are privileged to assume the special role as a Creator, for which they have to bear responsibilities as well. So men have to appreciate and adapt themselves to the special responsibilities that women are endowed with.
– Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

In our world at this time, something unique is beginning to unfold after years of darkness and suffering. The age-old practices of honouring the woman’s body as divine are joining together with the modern need to protect the environment.

The emerging efforts to stop pollution can be seen across many different efforts, from planting crops that will not leech all nutrients from the soil to building energy efficient systems that do not use fossil fuels. When it comes to the needs of women, an enormous realisation has occurred—the plastic pads that we throw away during our periods every month are choking Mother Earth. The material in them is not bio-degradable and India’s environmental portal, Down to Earth, estimates that 432 million pads are disposed of every month in India alone. Read More