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Embracing the World Fundraiser: Art from the Heart

Traditional Kerala mural painting
Traditional Kerala mural painting of Lord Vishnu.

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18 May 2024
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A fundraising auction of more than 300 curated paintings by over 100 emerging and professional artists raised $168,485 when it closed today. Hailing from 18 different countries, they donated their work to support our humanitarian projects.   

The auction carried another goal in a world where people are spending more and more time on their devices instead of together. The artists wished to reach others on a heart-to-heart level through these tangible expressions of their love, both in devotion to Amma and their efforts to help her uplift suffering humanity.   

Upon blessing the art, Amma expressed her gratitude to the artists for this compassionate act of giving.   

The auction ran from April 9 to May 18. You can find out more at

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