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Atlanta Satsang Participates in the Great American Cleanup Atlanta Satsang

Inspired by Amma's Amala Bharatam Campaign for a cleaner earth, 18 volunteers from the Atlanta Satsang participated in the Great American Cleanup organized by Forsyth County in Georgia for the second consecutive year. View the slideshow ›

The volunteers cleaned around the scenic James Creek, a lush green area along the James Burguess Road. Listening to the water flowing gently, they volunteers donned their safety vests and set to work armed with a large trash bags. Although from afar, the area looked clean, after venturing deeper, the volunteers found trash that had been collecting there for several years. They found a lot of glass bottles, cans, metal pieces and a lot of plastic.

Several Amrita Bala Kendra children were thrilled as they filled up their respective trash bags. After a couple of hours of cleaning up the section, which stretched close to a mile, the volunteers piled up the bags one after the other. To their amazement, they had collected 23 large bags of trash which had been collecting along the roadside for days and some even for years.

Each one of the volunteers felt that they had done their part to help create a cleaner and a greener earth thanks to the inspiration of Amma !

“Just as Nature is dedicated to helping us, we too should be dedicated to helping Nature. Only then can the harmony between Nature and humanity be preserved." - Amma