December 31, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Amrita Silent Retreat Immersion: Finding Peace in Silence
On a beautiful fall morning, a group of devotees gathered in the Georgetown countryside to learn and assimilate the techniques of Amrita SRI – Silent Retreat Immersion. Amrita SRI is a silent meditation retreat experience created by... more ›
November 27, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Youth Giving at Thanksgiving
This October, AYUDH Toronto organized a Thanksgiving gift drive helping youth in need at Youth Without Shelter (YWS). Thanks to the generosity of Toronto satsang members, AYUDH collected 28 hoodies, six long sleeve shirts, two... more ›
October 10, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Complete Focus and Compassion: The Requisites for Enlightenment - Notes from Dayamrita Swamiji's discourse Human beings are exploring the ocean and outer space. They more they explore, the more they realize how little they know about these things. They have not penetrated into their depths.... more ›
September 6, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Games, songs and prayers to welcome Baby Krishna Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe. On Saturday,... more ›
August 31, 2019 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH Toronto awarded Chapter of the Year
This year's AYUDH Americas summit - The Ripple Effect 2019 - was a fun-filled, inspiring, and informative experience. From July 31 until August 4, the attendees participated in youth parliament sessions aimed at choosing the projects that each AYUDH... more ›
August 31, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Help fund AYUDH Americas Initiatives for 2019-2020
AYUDH Americas has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for their initiatives for 2019-... more ›
August 31, 2019 Toronto, Canada
The results are in: the most effective promoter of Amma's Toronto Program is YOU!
An exit poll performed in 2016 by Amma's Pacific Northwest satsang groups found that 76% of all newcomers heard of Amma's program by word of mouth. That is more than all other forms of... more ›
August 31, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Spring is an opportunity to clean our minds - Notes from Dayamrita Swamiji's discourse
After a long and dreary winter, spring comes, and along with it the thought of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to rid ourselves of so many things that we have accumulated but actually don... more ›
June 5, 2019 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH Toronto plants 42 more trees for Amma
On Saturday, April 27, eleven members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH together... more ›
April 25, 2019 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH Toronto gives seedlings at Vishu
Vishu is celebrated as the beginning of the new year in Kerala, India, and in Malayali diaspora communities worldwide. At Vishu, young people traditionally receive a gift... more ›