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August 13, 2017 Global
Barcelona, Spain October 29-31 MA Center, Germany November 2-4 Toulon, France November 6-8Winterthur, Switzerland November 10-11 Milano, Italy November 13-15 London, United Kingdom November 17-18 Munich, Germany November 20-21 Chalons en Champagne, France November 24 -26 Houten,... more ›
July 25, 2017 Kerala, India
A 13-year-old tribal boy Manikandan, son of plantation workers in Parambikulam, Palakkad, was the butt of ridicule since birth because of a rare medical condition called encephalocele in which brain matter oozes out of gaps in the skull into a sac-like structure, giving the patient’s head a... more ›
July 12, 2017 Washington DC, U.S.A.
This year, the last tour stop in the United States took place in Washington D.C., the Nation’s Capital. Arriving in the late evening, Amma’s arrival coincided with the dawn of the United States’ Independence Day (The Fourth of July). Fireworks to commemorate the holiday continued throughout the... more ›
July 2, 2017 Kerala, India
Ever since the first hand transplant in India in 2015, patients from across India and abroad have been lining up at a Kochi hospital, even as more hospitals have registered for the procedure. But only two more transplants have been possible since. The Sunday Express on the taboos, hopes and despair... more ›
July 1, 2017 Dallas, Texas
On the way to the Dallas programs, Amma stopped at the new MA Center in Aubrey, TX just north of Dallas. Located on a 50-acre plot of picturesque property in what is known as “Horse Country USA”, the center includes a ranch house and a scenic pond. Local devotees were overjoyed as Amma served... more ›
June 24, 2017 Chicago
The Mata Amritanandamayi Math is Celebrating 30 Years of Amrita Yoga training and outreach. Through Her unconditional love & selfless service to humanity, Amma, the unique master has been constantly reminding us of the relationship between man, nature and God, our true Self. In Amma's own words... more ›
June 17, 2017 North America
SEATTLE Amma began her 30th North American Yatra with three days of programs in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Amma went directly from the airport to the Pacific Northwest Center where she served lunch while devotees told spiritual stories and jokes. Much has changed in the past year... more ›
June 3, 2017 World
At times, people have told me about experiencing a sensation of imbalance, similar to vertigo. This can be due to the disturbance of tiny particles in the ears. Due to mankind’s selfishness and indiscriminate actions, Nature has similarly become out of balance. The situation is serious. We need to... more ›
April 26, 2017 India
When it comes to women, there is a great gift God has bestowed upon them: the boon of the womb. Only a woman can become a mother. Only the woman is empowered to bring a soul to Earth by rearing and nurturing the soul until the pre-destined time of birth. Only a woman can nourish the child with... more ›
April 18, 2017 BIhar, India
Anil was 7 years old when our Embracing the World volunteers opened a tuition (tutoring) center in the village where he lives. Although he was enrolled in the school there, he didn’t go regularly. Just like many other students, he only went occasionally and often just for the mid-day meal. He was... more ›