November 6, 2015 San Ramon
On October 10, 2015, volunteers from around the Bay Area and beyond gathered at M.A. Center, San Ramon for our second Community Seva Day, a fall seva fiesta!    We began the day with meditation and prayer, then teamed up to tackle improvement projects around the property. Several teams focused on... more ›
October 30, 2015 San Ramon
Retreat update for San Ramon hotels Retreat accommodation at the San Ramon Marriott is sold out. The DoubleTree in Pleasanton is the over flow hotel for Retreats. There will be shuttles to the M. A. Center from the DoubleTree to M. A. Center. See Shuttle schedule on the ... more ›
September 29, 2015 San Ramon
The months of August and September at M. A. Center were filled with a spiritual and festive atmosphere. Here are some of the special events. 
... more ›
September 29, 2015 San Ramon
Amma’s 62nd Birthday Celebration and Community Outreach Activities   Amma’s birthday was celebrated at the M. A. Center as a whole day event. The day’s celebration commenced with a pada puja for Amma by Bri. Rema Devi, to the empowering accompaniment of the bhajan '... more ›
September 16, 2015 San Ramon
Lake County Fire Relief Donation Drive  Honor Amma's birthday by helping our neighbors affected by the recent fires in Lake County. September 19, 26 and 27
10:30 am - 8:30 pm
M. A. Center, San Ramon
Drop off donations at Amrita Hall  Donations list : (No Clothes please) Main... more ›
July 9, 2015 Chicago
"The Ripple Effect"  |  August 6-9, 2015  | M.A. Center Chicago This year, AYUDH Americas is proud to announce "The Ripple Effect." Join in this rare chance for youth to collaborate and set clear, attainable, and important goals for the year to... more ›
June 25, 2015 San Ramon
Sunday, June 21st is the first-ever International Yoga Day, dedicated by the UN. To commemorate this day, Amma asked her ashrams, centers and groups all over the world to set aside at least 20 minutes to practice yoga and meditation. Accordingly special yoga sessions were held to raise awareness of... more ›
June 24, 2015 New York
United Nations Academic Impact & Amrita University, United Nations, New York, July 8, 2015   Amma's keynote address:   Amma's keynote address -... more ›
March 19, 2015 San Ramon
The Center's resident birds had company on Saturday, March 14 as the sweet sound of Amma's 108 names filled the early morning air. Volunteers from around the Bay Area started Community Seva Day with meditation and... more ›