May 10, 2016 San Ramon, CA
Amma's Summer 2016 Retreat at MA Center : June 10-12 The registration for Amma's Summer Retreat here is open now. Please register soon because the room accommodations fill up soon. To see more and to register go to Retreat Registration...
March 22, 2016 San Ramon, CA
Jyotish Readings at MA Center   Vilasitha will be giving Jyotish readings at MA Center, San Ramon starting now through end of March. To schedule a session please visit Proceeds support Amma's worldwide charities... more ›
January 26, 2016 San Ramon
Preservation of our natural resources should be one of our foremost duties.  The natural resources that we consume is the wealth that need to be transferred to coming generations. If we mindlessly exploit the resources, we won’t be able to leave anything for our grandchildren.”- Amma... more ›
January 20, 2016 San Ramon
The program guide ad revenue contributes significantly towards the organization of Amma’s Tour - making it possible for even more people to receive Amma’s blessing. All of the work is done by Program Guide teams in Tour cities and satsang members across the country.  Here are some ways that you... more ›
January 12, 2016 San Ramon, CA
"If we have been able to give happiness to a soul-even for a minute-it makes our life blessed." - Amma This is the story of Amrit and his act of love to help the hungry and poor, with the resources that he has available. As related by Kavyashree who helped him this last Sunday, January... more ›
December 29, 2015 Berkeley
December 17, 2015 - Berkeley Mother's Kitchen served its annual Christmas Meal and Gift Giveaway at South Berkeley Community Church on Thursday, December 17th this year. In addition to a three-course hot meal and dessert, gifts were distributed to approximately 120 people. Each person received a... more ›
December 12, 2015 San Ramon
Gift cards for S.A.V.E -  For the past many years, during this season of holidays, M. A. Center community members have donated to the residents of S.A.V.E, in the form of gift cards. This year we are now accepting gift cards, until January 2nd. Please bring your contributions to the ashram on... more ›
November 28, 2015 San Ramon
Fulfilling Guru's Wish - An Act of Devotion.  For the past year, painting and refreshing Amrita Hall has been an ongoing Seva project at the ashram. The walls of the hall were painted and new pictures were hung just before Amma's Summer 2015 Tour. During this visit, on November 15, Sunday... more ›
November 6, 2015 San Ramon
On October 10, 2015, volunteers from around the Bay Area and beyond gathered at M.A. Center, San Ramon for our second Community Seva Day, a fall seva fiesta!    We began the day with meditation and prayer, then teamed up to tackle improvement projects around the property. Several teams focused on... more ›
October 30, 2015 San Ramon
Retreat update for San Ramon hotels Retreat accommodation at the San Ramon Marriott is sold out. The DoubleTree in Pleasanton is the over flow hotel for Retreats. There will be shuttles to the M. A. Center from the DoubleTree to M. A. Center. See Shuttle schedule on the ... more ›