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International Day of Yoga: Amma explains ‘Self-dependence’ is where yoga leads

People joined Amma in Amritapuri's main hall to practise yoga together.

Key Points

  • Hundreds gathered with Amma in Amritapuri Ashram to celebrate International Day of Yoga, including the CRPF and police stationed there. 
  • Amma shared how yoga helps free us from all dependence on the world and takes us to the state of dependence on the inner Self alone.
  • This year’s IDY theme is “Yoga for Self and Society”, recognising how yoga is a transformative practice that inspires others through its positive results on our own selves.  
21 June 2024
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All gathered in Amritapuri to celebrate the United Nations’ 10th International Day of Yoga with Amma, including the CRPF soldiers and police stationed there. This year’s theme is “Yoga for Self and Society”. It recognises how yoga is a transformative practice that not only harmonises one’s own mind and body, but can then ripple out to others. 

“Yoga is very important to keep the body healthy and the mind relaxed and free from anxiety. However, the deeper understanding and practice of yoga can help us realise our infinite potential, releasing us from the clutches of the ego,” said Amma.  
“Yoga helps free us from all dependence on the world and takes us to the state of dependence on the inner Self alone. The happiness and security we receive in this ‘Self-dependence’ is permanent and does not change, regardless of what we see externally.” 

Brahmacharini Shobhana, coordinator with Amrita Yoga, led a session of simple asanas. She also shared how Amma teaches that yoga and meditation practices begin by supporting one’s own physical and mental health. Through this positive change in ourselves, others are inspired to also take up the practices, thus creating an interlinked chain of wellbeing for all.  

Amma added that there is a difference between the health of the body and the health of the mind. She explained that the health of the body improves with physical movement, whereas the health of the mind improves with stillness.  

In modern society, physical tasks have decreased while mental worries and stresses have increased. This lifestyle is harmful to both the body and the mind. Amma said that although yoga is an ancient practice, it offers scientific methods to enhance the efficiency of both.  

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