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Yoga is a scientific system that helps us increase the efficiency and agility of the body and the mind. Postures, pranayama (breath control) and meditation are all part of this system. Ultimately, more than a sequence of physical postures, yoga is a process of spiritual unfolding that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being.

“Yoga is the means of awakening the infinite strength within, by training the body, mind, and intellect properly, and of realizing one’s full potential.”

- Amma

Amrita Yoga

Amrita Yoga is an inside-out approach: our postures are not just about technique. Our heart-centered awareness, breath and mantras move us beyond the postures into stillness and our innate silence, forming the foundation for transformation. Amrita Yoga   supports us in establishing a positive and harmonious lifestyle. 

We experience increased health and dynamism, peace, contentment, compassion, and creativity.

We offer a wide range of yoga retreats, workshops, and regular classes (online and on site) for all, in India and across the globe. These are taught by certified Amrita Yoga teachers at Amma centers and other retreat venues.

Kids and Teens

For kids (3 to 7), pre-teens (8 to 12) and teens (13 to 17)

Young Adults

From 15 to 25


Classes online and onsite, general and specialty retreats , and holistic health programs


Tailored programs for companies or institutions

Explore Amrita Yoga

In a 2-day Amrita Yoga retreat, I was able to benefit with such a depth of peace. I said to myself then that, if I practice it daily, it will surely take away my stress and I will be able to lead a peaceful life.

Watch Amma’s daily livestream

Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

Registration is required to access these livestreams:

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