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Historic Meeting with Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Pope of the Catholic Church

Swami Amritaswarupananda and Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar, General Secretary of the All India Muslim Scholars Association.

More than 700 religious leaders gathered in Abu Dhabi for the Global Conference of Human Fraternity. The goal of the two-day event was to nurture brotherhood and tolerance between religions, based on the understanding that all faiths were founded to create peace for humanity.

Swami Amritaswarupananda attended the conference on behalf of Amma. In his address he said, “We need to have constant awareness that if we harm or destroy any aspect of creation under the sun—seemingly significant or insignificant—we are, in fact, harming or destroying part of ourselves, an element of our own being.”

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