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February 21, 2023 United States
AYUDH Chicago hosted its first-ever AYUDH Winter Retreat January 13 - 15. The retreat was open to all ages and included people from all over the U.S. The organizers chose C20 as the retreat's primary theme because the government of India appointed Amma as chair of the country’s... more ›
February 9, 2023 Santa Fe, NM
Amma Requests Your Assistance for the 2023 C-20 Amma requests those living in the G20 countries who have qualifications in social work, equivalent degrees, or hands-on experience doing social work, to do the following:
1. Study the grassroots-level problems of people in G20 countries
... more ›
February 8, 2023 Toronto, Canada
AYUDH TORONTO is hosting a donation drive to kick off 2023 in a positive note by helping homeless youth in Toronto! We are collecting items to donate to Youth Without Shelter. The collection will begin on February 11, 2023 and continue until February... more ›
February 5, 2023 Seattle
Swami Dayamritananda Puri graced us with a blessed satsang on January 29. A few photos from the event can be found here.
February 3, 2023 San Ramon, CA
You may be well aware of Amma's appointment as the Chair of C20 ( for 2022-2023 by the Government of India, which took up the presidency of the G20 for the year.
G20 ( is an intergovernmental forum... more ›
February 2, 2023 DC MD VA
Winter Clothing Drives  - DC Satsang The winter of ‘22-’23 witnessed marked temperature fluctuations on the east coast and in the Washington DC area - more than a few blustery, chilly days were among these! Accordingly, two clothing drive sevas came to fruition and these are described below, the... more ›
February 1, 2023 DC, MD, VA
Wednesdays at 5:00 pm EDT
Sundays at 11:30 am EDT Please click the registration link to register for the classes.
January 23, 2023 New England
669 Om annadāyai namaḥ
...who is the giver of food to all living things
  AYUDH New England wrapped up our AYUDH Give projects! We approached this initiative from multiple perspectives and deepened our understanding of the community's needs. Many of these efforts will... more ›
January 2, 2023 San Ramon, CA
Is a regular meditation practice one of your new year’s resolutions? We invite you to consider some suggestions we have given to many Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM®) students throughout the years. Amma says, "We should meditate regularly and sincerely without stopping, until we attain one-... more ›
December 31, 2022 San Ramon, CA
December 31, 2022
There is a severe weather warning for Bay Area, CA due to the rain. Crow Canyon Road is dangerous with mud slides and flooding in certain areas. Please do not drive to MA Center in these conditions. The New Year's Eve program is now virtual, only on YouTube at this link: ... more ›