February 22, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Message from Amma’s Disciples in North America:   Aum Amriteswaryai Namah!     Darling Children of Amma,   GreenFriends of North America has initiated an important project inspired by Amma, to begin the process of reducing and eliminating the amount of waste generated at the... more ›
February 22, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
BACKGROUND  Source reduction is the prevention of environmental pollution before it happens  This goes beyond recycling, i.e., limit what we use in the first place.  This requires discrimination in our choices of what to use and what to buy in our lives.  o    "Reduce or reuse... more ›
January 5, 2018 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Aum Amriteswaryai Namah, AYUDH Atlanta believes that tackling the global issue of hunger begins with a profound awareness about our local hunger, consumption, and food wastage at an individual level.  Our chapter researched the facts on hunger  in the Georgia region  and created  this informational... more ›
December 5, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
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December 5, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
We had tremendous support for our anniversary seva project - Mother's Kitchen at the Ashram, serving at Potter's house in Jefferson , GA.   The residents at Potter's House gave us a gracious welcome. We served dinner to around 75 residents.   The gratitude that every resident expressed when we were... more ›
November 28, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
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November 21, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
UPDATE: We are happy to announce that our first book club session is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th! We will be discussing "From Amma's Heart" by Swami Amritaswarupananda. Stay tuned for all upcoming book club meetings by either... more ›
September 27, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Celebrating Amma's birthday in Georgia by serving nature....  “Environmental cleanliness and hygiene are a part of development and cultural refinement. For this to happen, we need to plan widespread awareness campaigns. We should mount enough signboards on environmental cleanliness in public... more ›
June 3, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
Amma’s programs all around the world are now including some new measures:   1. We are introducing a Bag Drop Counter at the entrance to the Hall where everyone will be asked to leave any backpack-or-larger bags before they enter the hall. You will be able to have access to your bag at anytime... more ›
May 31, 2017 Atlanta, U.S.A.
How can I help? 1)  You can invite your friends, family and co-workers. At the end of this message is an introduction to Amma with links for more information. You can email the introduction along with the attached ... more ›