February 19, 2019 Ann Arbor
The day began at 6:30 a.m for Alisha Rucker, a 7 year old, first-grader from Achieve Charter Academy in Canton, Michigan.  Her mother, Shreeja Rucker, said that Alisha was so excited to volunteer for the Valentine’s Day lunch at the Staples Family Center for the homeless in Ann Arbor, that she got... more ›
November 5, 2018 ann arbor
Amma Center of Michigan has five AYUDH rockstars, all cousins, who decided to forgo Taco Bell for one year, and donate those savings, a total of $1108, to Amma’s November U.S. Tour in Detroit.  Naren, Prashant, Arun (in photo from left to right), Jay and Priya (not in photo as they live in... more ›
November 5, 2018 ann arbor
Amma has raised our awareness about conservation and being part of an enduring ecosystem.  Trees are a critical part of conservation since they provide habitat for numerous birds, small animals, wildflowers and understory growth.  But in recent years, tree loss has increased by approximately 50%... more ›
October 12, 2018 Ann Arbor
Swami Shantamrita from MA Center Midwest joins us for special satsangs in three different cities for four events in preparation for Amma's upcoming visit to Detroit this November.   Please join us for these enlightening and joyful satsangs with Swami Shantamrita on:  Sat, Oct. 20... more ›
September 5, 2018 Ann Arbor
I became interested in Amma, an Indian spiritual leader, given the tremendous buzz in the international community about her humanitarian work. She is from my husband’s state in Kerala, India, and he has met her. My friends queried why I hadn’t met her. I felt my exploration of this mystical person... more ›
August 22, 2018 Ann Arbor
Amma's birthday will be observed with a special puja and satsang conducted by Brni Rema Devi on September 22nd from 2 to 5 pm followed by a celebratory meal. The puja will be performed per the Kerala tradition and will be dedicated... more ›
August 21, 2018 Ann Arbor
On Saturday, September 15, 2018, the Amma Center of Michigan will host a fundraising dinner to provide disaster relief to those effected by the floods in Amma’s home state of Kerala, India.  Please help us help others as we commit to Amma’s tenets: to love and serve.  Kerala has experienced the... more ›
August 20, 2018 Ann Arbor
On July 26, 2018, Swami Shantamrita shared his engaging and personable satsang which brought Amma closer in our heart.  This special day is called Guru Purnima, and it is observed as a day dedicated to the Guru, when devotees and spiritual aspirants honor and express gratitude to their guru. Guru... more ›
August 20, 2018 Ann Arbor
Please continue to visit our website for the date and details about our Fundraiser for Disaster Relief. We will provide a sumptuous traditional Kerala dinner and music to support those effected by the massive flooding in Amma's home state of Kerala.    
February 17, 2017 Ann Arbor
Amma volunteers have been cooking and serving a hot, nutritious breakfast for the homeless in Detroit every Wednesday morning for the past 8 odd years. The committed group of volunteers arrive at the church kitchen at 6.30am. Scenario from last week - our group of 5... more ›