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January 5, 2015 San Ramon, CA
 Southern Bay Area has a lot of Embracing the World Volunteers(ETW) who are inspired by Amma to serve the community. These volunteers are adults, children supervised by their parents and many a time it is a family activity of giving. It was a beautiful Sunday Morning. The sound of pots and pans... more ›
January 1, 2015 Kerala, India
The advent of the New Year is always a joyous occasion that kindles hope, enthusiasm and optimism in all of our hearts. Amma prays to the Paramatman that in the coming year both the world and each individual within it are filled with peace, harmony and prosperity. This past year bore witness to a... more ›
December 24, 2014 Kerala, India
Excerpts from Amma’s Christmas Message We do not know who will knock on our doors, in search of compassion. love and kindness. But if our mind is ruled by ego and selfishness, we will shut our doors and deny even the son of God a place to be born. The spirit of Christmas is sharing and caring. Let... more ›
December 18, 2014 Europe
More than 224,000 people are affected by blindness in the country, however, most ophthalmological services in Kenya are centered in urban environments. To address the need for quality ophthalmological healthcare in rural areas, Embracing the World ... more ›
December 18, 2014 Santa Fe, USA
In June 2014, Amma encouraged a local outreach project to address grave concerns for the welfare and future of local children in poverty.  The first blossoming of this initiative has taken place! As Amma has always said, when her children work together, nothing is impossible! M.A. Center, Santa Fe... more ›
December 17, 2014 Seattle
In December 2013, an Embracing the World Project called Project Warm Hug was launched as part of the numerous humanitarian activities by the Redmond/Seattle Satsang. One of the goals of this project was to meet immediate needs of the homeless community... more ›
December 15, 2014 Tacoma, WA
 TACOMA SATSANG, WA 2014  Tacoma Satsang is a selfless service or seva group.  We attend satsang in Shelton,WA on a regular basis and attend special events in the Seattle and Port Townsend areas.   SATSANG MEETINGS   Usually, when we attend a seva event or meeting we bring art supplies for the... more ›
December 11, 2014 Kerala, India
As a part of Amma's 61st birthday humanitarian initiatives a pledge was made to increase the numbers of pension and scholarship recipients to 99,000 and 51,000... more ›
December 2, 2014 Vatican City, Rome
Amma joined Pope Francis in the Vatican and 11 other world religious leaders this morning, in a ceremonial signing of a declaration against human trafficking and slavery.  The other leaders were: Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Head of the Anglican Church; Buddhist Zen Master Thich... more ›
December 1, 2014 Rome, Italy
1 December 2014 -- Rome Amma has arrived in Rome to participate as part of a historic event aimed at eradicating modern slavery by 2020. On December 2, Amma will join His Holiness Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, as well as leaders of the Anglican Church, Orthodox Churches and the... more ›