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February 5, 2015 Kerala, India
Do you want to help in Embracing the World's work in India’s villages? The villages project was launched with one goal – that the villages of India... more ›
January 30, 2015 New York,USA
Queens Satsang in New York is a quiet, tight knit, friendly group always looking to include and befriend. It is ideal for families and singles, for Indians and non Indians. Please know that this Amma group looks forward to receive you and make you feel at home. So come and be with us, with family.... more ›
January 30, 2015 Kerala, India
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi installed the da Vinci Surgical System, a robotic surgical platform, in December 2014. Two surgeries has been performed using the da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci Surgical System is a tool that utilizes advanced, robotic technologies to assist your... more ›
January 30, 2015 Kerala, India
Doctors of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center have successfully tansplanted India’s first hand transplant, rare surgery that has been done in 110 cases so far around the world but it will be known only after two weeks whether the body of the recipient has accepted it or not as... more ›
January 26, 2015 Detroit,U.S.A
“By doing selfless service for at least one day, everyone should help the poor and needy. It is Amma’s prayer that at least this small dream be realized.” - Amma Detroit Satsang is a branch satsang of Amma Center of Michigan. It is one of the branches of the huge tree of... more ›
January 13, 2015 Kerala, India
The first center for integrated study, research and patient care in Allopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga will come up in Kochi, Kerala under the Amrita University. The Amrita Institute of Integrated Medicine and Research Center is planned as a center to integrate the holistic vision and therapeutic range... more ›
January 5, 2015 San Ramon, CA
 Southern Bay Area has a lot of Embracing the World Volunteers(ETW) who are inspired by Amma to serve the community. These volunteers are adults, children supervised by their parents and many a time it is a family activity of giving. It was a beautiful Sunday Morning. The sound of pots and pans... more ›
January 1, 2015 Kerala, India
The advent of the New Year is always a joyous occasion that kindles hope, enthusiasm and optimism in all of our hearts. Amma prays to the Paramatman that in the coming year both the world and each individual within it are filled with peace, harmony and prosperity. This past year bore witness to a... more ›
December 24, 2014 Kerala, India
Excerpts from Amma’s Christmas Message We do not know who will knock on our doors, in search of compassion. love and kindness. But if our mind is ruled by ego and selfishness, we will shut our doors and deny even the son of God a place to be born. The spirit of Christmas is sharing and caring. Let... more ›
December 18, 2014 Europe
More than 224,000 people are affected by blindness in the country, however, most ophthalmological services in Kenya are centered in urban environments. To address the need for quality ophthalmological healthcare in rural areas, Embracing the World ... more ›