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Our voices: The women of Naglachandi

Village woman smiles

Key Points

  • Women in Naglachandi, Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, face numerous challenges in their lives, and their stories reflect their innate strength, awaiting willing listeners.
  • Several organizations, such as Amrita SeRVe, AMMACHI Labs, AmritaCREATE, and the Amrita Center for International Programs, have initiated projects aimed at promoting self-reliance, women’s empowerment, sanitation, literacy, and access to clean drinking water in communities across India.
  • These efforts are part of a broader movement to improve the living conditions of millions in disadvantaged areas, with a focus on empowering women and providing essential services like education, sanitation, and clean water.

The women of Naglachandi in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh have much to tell about the challenges they face in their lives. All they need are ears ready to listen…. And those ears will hear an innate strength.

Projects in this village and many others across India have begun a movement of independence for these communities. Amrita SeRVe is working to bring self-reliance to 101 villages.

AMMACHI Labs is in coordination with the United Nations to establish women’s empowerment as well as toilets and sanitation. AmritaCREATE is teaching literacy to both children and adults, running tutoring centers for school students, and building awareness about health and social issues.

Amrita Center for International Programs is building water filtration systems so that 10 million villagers have access to safe drinking water. They are also working to electrify remote areas with no access to power.

This list will continue to grow. But even more importantly, the people living in these adverse conditions will reach better lives.

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