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Mobile technologies for health and empowerment in 101 rural villages

Photo of health monitor device
Low-cost Wearable Health Monitor

Key Points

  • Embracing the World researchers at Amrita University introduced mobile technology innovations on Amma’s 61st birthday, aiming to improve the lives of rural villagers in India.
  • Key products unveiled in September 2014 include a low-cost Wearable Health Monitor for remote medical assessments, a Mobile EEG system providing affordable readings in remote areas, and a Direct E-Trading System for farmers to connect with buyers, accessible even on basic phones.
  • These innovations reflect a commitment to rural development by addressing healthcare access, empowering farmers economically, and enhancing technology for comprehensive improvements in rural living standards.
28 September 2014
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Embracing the World researchers at Amrita University unveiled an array of innovations in mobile technology on Amma’s 61st birthday. The new devices and applications are geared toward improving the standard of living for rural villagers. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most exciting products unveiled in September 2014:

Low-cost Wearable Health Monitor

Our researchers have developed a low-cost wearable health monitor which will send real-time medical data to a central server and allow doctors at remote locations to perform assessments and interventions. The patient will receive customized feedback and be encouraged to make positive lifestyle changes. Initially, the device will be available at 27 village resource centers. Community health workers will be able to easily capture data on the patients they serve, while policy makers and public health advocates will be able to analyze the aggregated data.

Low-cost, Mobile EEG

Our researchers have developed a low-cost wireless EEG system with performance equal to and in some cases greater than a traditional fixed EEG unit in a hospital setting. The system is designed to provide affordable EEG readings in both remote areas as well as in hospitals; the system transfers readings remotely for telemedicine applications.

Direct E-Trading System for Farmers

Farmers in India face serious financial problems with regard to receiving fair compensation for their produce. Our researchers have developed an online platform for farmers with a mobile interface that works even on the most basic phones. The system enables farmers to find the nearest buyers, helping the famer to save money on transportation, deliver fresher produce, and get fair prices.

Website for farmers to trade
Direct E-Trading System for Farmers

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