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Feeding the hearts of the homeless in France

Volunteers make pottery

Key Points

  • The Solidarity Project organized by ETW France successfully provided a 5-day retreat at “La Ferme du Plessis” for 19 homeless families near Paris. The primary goal was to offer participants a break from challenging living conditions, fostering peace and social connection.
  • The families engaged in a variety of activities, including music, dance, fence making, beekeeping, gardening, arts and crafts, and cooking workshops. The event also featured swimming, picnics, hiking, sports, and visits to an educational farm and gardens, creating a diverse and enriching experience.
  • Participants expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback, describing the experience as a unique and unforgettable opportunity. They highlighted the serene atmosphere, the chance to relax, and the meaningful connections forged during the event. The concluding festive party left both guests and volunteers satisfied, emphasizing the lasting impact of the initiative on the well-being of those involved.
7 September 2019
Main topic

Through the Solidarity Project of ETW France, our center near Paris, “La Ferme du Plessis” (Plessis Farm), opened its doors to 19 homeless families. The aim of this 5-day live-in event was to give the participants a sense of peace, social connectedness, and respite from their extremely difficult living conditions. The families participated in activities like music, dance, fence making, bee keeping, gardening, arts and crafts, and cooking workshops for making jams and stewed fruit purees. There also was swimming, picnics, hiking, sports and visits to the educational farm and gardens. The event concluded with a festive party, leaving both guests and volunteers feeling satisfied and enriched by the wonderful experience.

Many people going partner dancing in a large room

Feedback from the participants was very positive. One remarked, “Time seemed to stand still in this peaceful place. We’ll never forget this experience. We’ll always remember the calm, serene atmosphere as well as the fact that we could relax and get to know each other differently. We discovered a different way of sharing and being together. Thank you to the volunteers. We would like to come back soon!”

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