May 20, 2016 Southwest
JOIN THE HOST GREETER TEAM "The More Kindness We Give the More It Increases" - Amma
  The 1st "WELCOME!" Isn't it so nice to feel welcome when you arrive somewhere-whether it's for the 1st time or for the 20th?    The Host Greeter volunteers... more ›
May 20, 2016 southwest
"Love simply flows. Whoever is willing to take the plunge and dive in will be accepted as they are." -Amma    "Seva" = Selfless Service    Only staying for a few hours during Amma's Program? There's still opportunity for Selfless Service! We have many Seva positions that are... more ›
May 12, 2016 Southern California
IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT LA HOTEL RESERVATIONS Our apologies to anyone who has been calling in to the Hilton reservation line on (310) 410-6055 and has not received a return phone call about your room booking.   There was a glitch in the phone system, so please make your room reservation by calling... more ›
May 11, 2016 southwest
Aum Namah Sivaya!   Mark your calendars and make your arrangements to be with Amma from June 14 – 16 at the Hilton Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for 3 full days and nights of Free Programs. ... more ›
April 19, 2016 Southern California
Ayurvedic cooking is based on knowledge of herbs, spices and vegetables to create healthy, appetizing, and flavorful dishes. Limited attendance on site and web streaming for those unable to attend the class in person.   Cooking teacher: Shama Gandhi Guest Speaker: Dr. Vaidya R.K. Mishra, Ayurvedic... more ›
April 10, 2016 Southern California
Thank you to the Los Angeles Satsang for supporting Mother’s Kitchen!  We are doing our best to provide excellent food to our less fortunate neighbors 3-4 times per week at 10 different assistance programs.  Amma asks us to make sure nothing goes to waste and that our burritos and meals reach the... more ›
April 10, 2016 Southern California
Do you know that there are several opportunities every month to learn Amma's IAM Technique or to strengthen your existing daily IAM practice? IAM is a powerful yet simple technique that can be learned by anyone. All courses are free!... more ›
April 10, 2016 Southern California
When Amma visited the MA Center LA on June 15th, 2011, before the renovation, she said (excerpts):   "Looking at my children gathered here, Amma feels like many tiny light bulbs have come together. One may not be able to read in the light of one zero-watt bulb, but when several such bulbs come... more ›
February 23, 2016 southwest
  Jyotish Vedic Astrology 2016 Consultations: March 12, 14  & 15  at MA CENTER LA, Redondo Beach, CA To book an appointment go to: MA Center Jyotish... more ›
February 13, 2016 southwest