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Amma says that the source of fulfillment lies deep within each one of us. Meditation is a wonderful way to access this wellspring of happiness. 

The latest scientific research indicates that a short period of daily meditation can effectively reduce stress, anger and frustration; increase energy levels, productivity and efficiency; improve learning abilities; enhance health and wellbeing, as well as boost creativity.

Meditation is as precious as gold. If along with our meditation we develop compassion, it is like gold with a fragrance, something priceless and utterly unique.”

– Amma

IAM: Integrated Amrita Meditation

Developed by Amma, IAM® is a daily meditation routine that integrates gentle relaxation stretches with an effective and easy-to-practice breathing and meditation technique. It is based on traditional methods and designed for the time constraints of modern life, with both 20-minute and 35-minute variations, and customized versions for teenagers and pre-teens.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from practicing IAM Meditation. Sessions are held for free on a regular basis, virtually or in-person, by accredited teachers. The easiest way to find a class near you is find your nearest group or centre. IAM Meditation classes are also regularly offered online in both English and Spanish by teachers based in North America.

IAM Meditation has been taught in prisons, universities, schools, business organizations and in the armed forces around the world

White flower meditation for world peace

For the last few years, Amma has been guiding people all over the world in the “White flower meditation for world peace”.  Amma has said that human minds and nature are both in an agitated state now and that the daily practice of the White flower meditation can reduce the negativity and suffering prevailing in today’s world.

MA OM Meditation

When Amma was small, she used to walk on the beach. The ebb and flow of the waves sounded like Ma and Om to her. As she walked on the beach, Ma Om became her breath, continuous and automatic. Thus every step was meditation.

Using Amma’s MA-OM meditation, we learn to focus the mind using these mantras synchronized with the breath. We are invited to gradually turn the mind inwards until we arrive at an experience of our own silent presence.

Practice Meditation

I was amazed by how little effort you have to put into the meditation and how much benefit you get out of it… There is a calmness of mind that comes during the meditation. And that stillness of mind, that peace, stays with you throughout the day.

Watch Amma’s daily livestream

Amma offers us the possibility to connect online with her on a daily basis. During these livestreams, we can meditate with Amma, chant bhajans (devotional singing) and hear spiritual teachings.

Registration is required to access these livestreams:

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