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Women must strive to gain strength: Meenakshi Amma, martial arts expert says at Amrita SREE meet-up

Meenakshi Amma smiles at the event
Meenakshi Amma, born in 1942, is the only female practitioner of Kalaripayattu to receive the Padma Shri Award for her leadership in Kerala's traditional martial arts form.

Key Points

  • A Padma Shri-awarded martial arts expert, inaugurated Amrita SREE‘s annual meeting. 
  • Meenakshi Amma urged society to empower women to courageously address violence, making them agents of change against hidden crimes. She emphasized women’s need for strength, not just for themselves but for societal betterment.
  • At the Amrita SREE annual meeting in Kerala, aid was distributed to 10,000 women from Self-Help Groups, including food, clothing, financial support, grain supplies, and working capital.

Meenakshi Amma Gurukkal, a world-renowned martial arts maestro, said that women need to fight hard to lead strong lives that are beneficial not only for themselves, but for the good of the world. She was inaugurating Amrita SREE‘s annual meeting for this year in Vatakara, Kozhikode District, Kerala.  

Meenakshi Amma, born in 1942, is the only female practitioner of Kalaripayattu to receive the Padma Shri Award for her leadership in Kerala’s traditional martial arts form. It is a complete system that tests the extremes of both body and mind. She began her studies at the age of five. 

She said that we as a society must empower women and girls to bravely respond to violence against themselves and all women. This is crucial in the context of today’s world, where such crimes often remain hidden behind closed doors. Women can become a force for change.  

Aid was distributed to approximately 10,000 women with Amrita SREE SHGs who attended the meeting. Support included food, clothing, financial assistance, and grain supplies, as well as working capital for each SHG with 20 members.     

Brahmachari Sumedhamrita Chaitanya delivered the blessing speech. Shailajamma, Head of MAM in Vadakara; CK Nanu, former MLA; KP Sasikala, Hindu Aikya Vedi (HAV) State President; and R. Ranganathan, Amrita SREE Coordinator also addressed the gathering.  

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