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Vavu Bali 2019 – Homage to Ancestors

The hand of someone performing the puja
In this ceremony, five types of offerings are made: to our ancestors, to nature and animals, to the natural powers, to our ancient realised masters, and to our fellow humankind.

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2 August 2019
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Vavubali is a thanksgiving ceremony performed to show gratitude towards one’s ancestors and Mother Nature. It is an ancient tradition in Kerala that takes place once a year.  

At Amritapuri Ashram, hundreds of participants of all ages from around the world participated in the two-hour-long ceremony. Remembering their forefathers, each one paid their tributes and followed rituals which were lead by ashram monastics.

Pitru Yajna (sacrifice for parents) – one of the Pancha Mahayagnas (5 sacrifices) all Hindus have to perform as prescribed by Vedic tradition. 

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