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Sanskrit Retreat Intensive at Amrita University Sanskrit Intensive

The fourth annual Sanskrit Retreat Intensive will be held at Amrita University from July 8 - August 9, 2013. The program is designed for beginners who are seriously interested in learning Sanskrit. Applications must be received by June 15.

Students will study the ancient language while getting a first-hand view of its cultural context through arts performances, scenic tours of the South Indian landscape and philosophical study of some of its scriptures. 

The program includes extensive training in Hatha Yoga, lectures and discussions on classical Sanskrit texts, and instruction and practice of Sanskrit chanting. There will also be several field trips and performances, which will be linked to readings and discussions. 

Students will have 18 two-hour sessions in Sanskrit grammar. Through a combination of lecture and group exercises, students will be led through the following subjects:

  • Familiarity and skill in reading and writing the Sanskrit script, Devanagari
Understanding of basic and complex sentence structures

  • General use of sandhi

  • How to apply this knowledge in order to understand original Sanskrit verses 
More information, including registration information, prerequisites and the daily program schedule, can be found at Amrita University.
"I highly recommend this wonderful program to anyone who would like to study Sanskrit in the context of the culture within which it was developed." – Anne Dutton, SRI student