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Republic Day is a day to honour those who sacrificed their lives for Mother India

Amma stands in front of the temple with her arms raised in prayer
Amma conducted prayers for peace in every country of the world peace.

Key Points

  • Republic Day Celebrations: Amma, in observance of India’s 74th Republic Day, emphasized the theme of ‘jan bhagidari,’ which signifies the participation of the people.
  • Gratitude and Prayers: Amma called for prayers to remember and honor the sacrifices made by freedom fighters, soldiers, and police officers who have contributed to India’s growth. She emphasized the duty to pray for their peace and express gratitude to the nation.
  • Prayers for World Peace: During the ceremony, prayers for world peace were offered, with a focus on reducing unrighteous acts worldwide. A minute of silence was observed, and participants chanted a mantra for the well-being of all beings. The event concluded with the distribution of prasad (blessed food) to CRPF Jawans and Kerala Police as a token of thanks.
26 January 2023
Main topic

The theme of India’s 74th Republic Day is ‘jan bhagidari’—participation of the people. With the vision of the power of collective action in all hearts, Amma led ceremonies in Amritapuri to honour and celebrate the achievements of the nation. She also expressed we must remember with gratitude the courage and determination of our ancestors, freedom fighters, jawans, and police officers. 

“We should pray for the tremendous sacrifice that those soldiers and other great souls have done for this nation and for the peace of their souls. They definitely will attain heaven. They definitely will have peace of mind. However, it is our duty to pray for their peace,” said Amma. “And also, over and above, we should be grateful to this sacred land that has breastfed us.”  

Amma also led the ashram residents and visitors in prayers for world peace, with the resolve unrighteous acts throughout the world reduce. Together, during a minute of silence, the gathering envisioned the world living harmoniously, as if one family. They then chanted om lokah samasthah sukhino bhavantu (May all beings everywhere be happy) nine times. 

As Amma hoisted the national flag, all present paid their respects to the soldiers and police officers who serve and protect India. Both the CRPF and Kerala Police, which maintain security in Amritapuri, took part in the ceremonies. Shri Mohanji—Officer in Charge, 221 Battalion, F Company, Amritapuri—garlanded Amma on behalf of the CRPF.  

The ceremonies concluded with an expression of thanks and distribution of prasad by Amma to the CRPF Jawans and Kerala Police Team serving as the event’s Guard of Honour.  The crowd departed with smiles upon their faces in celebration of the unique country India is with its co-existence of many different cultures—its unity in diversity.

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