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COVID-19 awareness and prevention efforts in rural India

Students engaged in creating awareness videos and distributing masks to community members.

Key Points

  • AMMACHI Labs/CWEGE field team members shifted their priorities to educate rural communities on preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19. These efforts included sharing verified informational videos, distributing cloth masks, and providing education on proper hand-washing.
  • In Meppadi, Kerala, students and staff from the Amrita PMKVY center contributed by sewing and distributing over 1,000 face masks.
  • Awareness sessions were also conducted in Bihar using tablets to educate villagers and vocational training students on COVID-19 precautions. Posters were displayed to emphasize safety measures. Additionally, in Odisha, rural students in the PMKVY program created hand-made artwork to promote safety and awareness within their communities.
6 May 2020
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In March of 2020, the AMMACHI Labs/CWEGE field team members shifted their priorities from their normal work to making efforts to spread awareness and education on taking precautions agains the spread of COVID-19. They shared verified informational videos and explained preventative measures like proper hand-washing to the members of the village communities. In many places, cloth masks were made and distributed as well.

In Meppadi, Kerala, students and staff from the Amrita PMKVY center in Meppadi, Kerala collectively stitched over 1,000 face masks from the safety of their homes. The design follows a recommended pattern advised by health experts. Along with the masks, gloves were also made. The masks were distributed to essential service locations like gas stations and banks, and to electrical workers and police.

In the Raichur district of Karnataka, in Kurvakurdha Village, 2nd batch tailoring students stiched 100 masks and distributed them to the village community members. In another village in Raichur District- Drampur, 1st batch computer students showed explanatory videos about the effects of COVID-19 and educated them on the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of the disease. Masks were also distributed to the villagers.

In Bihar, an awareness session on COVID-19 was provided to villagers and vocational training students using tablets on topics such as covering your mouth, staying at home, how to seek treatment, and proper handwashing techniques. Posters regarding precautions that need to be taken were pasted in front of our training center.

In Odisha, rural students in the PMKVY program created some hand-made artwork promoting safety and awareness for their communities.

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