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Caring for migrant workers stuck in Singapore during Covid-19

Workers enjoying the meals provided by Amriteswari Society Singapore
The workers sent back photos and videos to express their happiness and thanks.

Key Points

  • Amriteswari Society, Embracing the World’s Singapore-based nonprofit branch provided basic supplies for 300 migrant workers from India stuck in Singapore during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Workers were served a sumptuous traditional meal, delicious Indian sweets and provided with new clothing, and other items.
  • Workers sent back photos expressing their gratitude.


In Singapore, migrant workers from India were prevented from travelling home for nearly two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by Amma’s teachings of caring for those in need, Amriteswari Society, Embracing the World‘s Singapore-based associated nonprofit branch, decided to support them during such a trying time.

Funds were raised to provide a sumptuous traditional meal, delicious Indian sweets and new clothing for 300 migrant workers from Tamil Nadu being housed at the Avery Lodge Dormitory. Postcards and other souvenirs expressing our wishes for the workers’ well-being were also included.    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were not allowed to enter the dormitory, so we handed everything over to the dormitory’s coordinators.

We were moved by how much the workers must be missing their loved ones. “Though we can never replace their family and their local traditions, we hope they feel appreciated as our guests, and that this small gesture on our part will bring light and joy to their lives,” explained Lalitha Pillai with the Amriteswari Society.

The workers, filled with happiness and gratitude, used their phones to send thankful messages back.  International travel soon began opening up for Singapore, so the migrant workers finally got a chance to travel home. The workers noted that they would never forget this deeply moving gesture by the Amriteswari Society.

We were also grateful for the opportunity to serve others.

“The outpouring from all those who contributed and participated was extremely heartwarming,” shared Ms Pillai.

“In many ways it gave us the opportunity to be grateful for everything that we have and to think of those who missed their loved ones.”

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