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Bhakti Obituary

Bhakti lies on funeral table and Amma places her hand on Bhakti
Amma performs Bhakti's last rites

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27 November 2021
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For the past decade, two dogs have always followed Amma when she walks to and from the Darshan Hall. They have attended all the meditations, chanting and talks which take place in the ashram.

The female, aptly named by Amma as “Bhakti,” was first brought to Amma’s attention after a car ran over her leg as a puppy. From then on, she stayed by Amma’s side. She and the male dog Tumban were both deeply attached to Amma and enjoyed total freedom in the ashram, even access to Amma’s room.

Bhakti passed away in the early morning of November 21st due to heart failure. She had a very special connection with Amma. Her enthusiasm, devotion and surrender to Amma inspired devotees all over the world. 

After the evening bhajans on Sunday, last rites were performed in Amma’s presence. Amma said, “Today my daughter, Bhakti, died and merged into the Paramatma. She would always come for bhajans, archana and satsangs. She had the surrendered attitude of Radha, the dasya-bhava [the attitude of a devoted servant].”

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