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Amma Kuwait sends humanitarian aid to earthquake survivors in Turkey

Amma Kuwait team stand happily, about to send off their donations
Amma Kuwait sent a total of 210 blankets and seven gas heaters to Turkey.

Key Points

  • Volunteers from Amma Kuwait coordinated the supply of blankets and gas heaters to send aid to Turkey and Syria, which are still dealing with the aftermath of devastating earthquakes that left millions affected and many homeless.
  • Divakaran Ammanath, President of Amma Kuwait, initiated the aid effort by contacting the Turkish embassy and collecting contributions from generous individuals who wanted to help. The focus was on providing essentials like tents, heaters, and lighters.
10 March 2023

Volunteers coordinated supplies of blankets and gas heaters to send to people who remain homeless.  

The massive loss of life and ongoing needs continue to take their toll in Turkey and Syria one month after the devastating earthquakes. Watching the disaster from afar, Divakaran Ammanath initiated the idea to send aid to Turkey. As President of Amma Kuwait, he was quickly able to connect with others who wished to help.  

“I contacted the Turkish embassy, and they directed me to authorities at a collection centre in Kuwait. Their request was not food items but things such as tents, heaters, and lighters. Our volunteers helped find wholesalers who could provide us with a competitive price and then we initiated the purchase,” said Mr. Ammanath.  

“Many others came forward with their generous contributions. I also contacted our like-minded friends who were looking to help but didn’t know how. With a clear plan in place, they came in numbers to donate.” 

Packages are being prepared for shipping

The Amma Kuwait team coordinated with people to deliver blankets and heaters and then contacted the collection centre and Turkish Embassy officials to meet at a particular time for delivery. The support totalled 210 blankets and seven gas heaters.  

One month has passed from the date of the terrible earthquake called by The World Health Organization as the “worst natural disaster” in the European region for a century. About 14 million people have been affected, which is one sixth of the country’s population. At least 1.5 million people are now homeless. Now, Turkey is facing the daunting task of rebuilding flattened cities and deliver essential supplies to people in need. 

Packages labeled: "With Love to the Earthquake victims of Turkey"

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