North American News

December 26, 2016 New England
  AYUDH Youth Make Blessing Bags  “If you wish to serve, if you have compassion for people, if you have any love for the world, step forward bravely.” - Amma On December 17th, 2016, members of AYUDH Boston came together to make Blessing Bags for a women’s... more ›
December 26, 2016 Southern California
Chanting, walk to the beach with Swamiji, chai, Manasa Puja & Satsang, Bhajans, and a delicious vegetarian dinner! Click here for details: more ›
December 16, 2016 Atlanta, U.S.A.
On Saturday, December 3rd the Mata Amritanandamayi Center, Atlanta was officially inaugurated by Amma’s senior monastic disciples: Swami Dayamrita (Executive Director, M.A.Centers ), Swami Shantamrita (Midwest- M.A.Centers) and Br.Ramanand (East Coast -M.A.Centers) The event began with the planting... more ›
December 16, 2016 Atlanta, U.S.A.
"The ashram is not a mere cluster of inanimate buildings, temples, trees and residences; rather it is the very embodiment of the Spiritual Master’s Grace. It is a vital, dynamic and living institution, which stimulates the aspiration of the sincere student to attain oneness. The spiritual... more ›
October 27, 2016 San Ramon, CA
Booking Rooms at the Fairmont Hotel-use discount code Prema   The discount code for booking rooms at Fairmont Hotel is Prema. If you are registering for the retreat, you can book rooms for the public program nights as well. If you are not attending the retreat and want to book a room for the public... more ›
September 29, 2016 San Ramon, CA
For Amma’s 63rd Birthday at MA Center, a new project was launched: The Amrita Book Club! Devotees from the Greater Bay Area can join together in small groups to read and discuss selected books containing Amma’s teachings, providing each other with support and motivation to learn together. The club... more ›
September 14, 2016 New England
When we serve, it’s important to be an open channel, without expectations or an agenda. Our hearts must connect to God and give freely, in pure love. We never know how our presence will affect those receiving. We saw four elders on our first day at Amma’s Hands, all of whom were at the very end... more ›
September 13, 2016 San Ramon, CA
The 2016 online auction in honor of Amma's birthday is on now!! Bidding ends on Sunday, October 9th at 11:45pm (PST). In honor of Amma's 63rd Birthday, MA Centers San Ramon and LA are offering very special Amma items for an online auction. Several of these items have been donated by Amma; many of... more ›
August 18, 2016 Southern California
Embracing Our Center “She deferred the spotlight to her children, lauding their selfless and tireless efforts to loving and serving the poor and needy” - From Immortal Bliss   We are excited to welcome readers to a new recurring section in our MA Center LA newsletter, titled “Embracing... more ›
August 18, 2016 Southern California
Three Special Birthday Invitations It's celebration time! Please join us for some very special events that are filled with a spiritual and festive atmosphere in the months of August and September at the MA Center LA.     KRISHNA JAYANTHI - SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2016 “At the mere thought of Lord... more ›