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Homes for People in Need - India Nationwide

Building homes builds lives

In 1997, responding to cries for help from women who spent entire nights mopping rainwater out of their thatched huts, Amma initiated a house-building project throughout India. Today, more than 47,000 homes have been built in over 75 locations, including villages, urban slums, and communities where people lost their dwellings after natural disasters. With an average of six people living in each of our houses, that means we’ve helped more than a quarter of a million people move from the streets or inadequate shelters into the safety and comfort of their very own home.

More than constructing houses, Embracing the World works to build entire communities, complete with town halls, roads, electricity, wells, sewage systems and clean drinking water. As part of our response to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, homes have also been constructed in Sri Lanka and Andaman Island.

The following list is for some of the projects across India:

1997-1998 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003-2004, 1st half | 2003-2004, 2nd half | 2003 | 2004-2005, 1st half | 2004-2005, 2nd half | 2005-2006, 1st half | 2005-2006, 2nd half | 2009 | Alapuzha | Ambalmukal | Athkur | Bangalore | Jaipur | Nagapattinam | Raichur

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