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Women build toilets for empowerment

woman builds a toilet

Key Points

  • AMMACHI Labs tackles India’s sanitation issues through skill development, specifically training women in masonry skills. This training not only enables them to build their own toilets but also imparts knowledge about toilet usage, hygiene, and sanitation.
  • By breaking the traditional gender stereotypes that surround vocations like masonry, AMMACHI Labs empowers women to engage in the entire sanitation process, challenging historical stigmas and promoting gender equality.
  • Learning these skills provides an alternative source of income for the women and their families, supplementing earnings from agriculture and day labor, which can be unreliable. This initiative has positively transformed the futures of women in Nani Borvai, Gujarat, offering them newfound opportunities and economic stability.

AMMACHI Labs leverages skill development to address the problem of sanitation in India. They train women in masonry skills to build their own toilets and, at the same time, teach them about the importance of toilet use, hygiene and sanitation.

Such vocations are traditionally considered male occupations. AMMACHI Labs aims to counter this historic stigma by empowering women, who are then able to complete the sanitation process from start to finish.

Learning this profession brings an alternate source of income to their families, as earnings via agriculture and as day labourers are not always reliable.

For these women in Nani Borvai, Gujarat, the experience has brought a completely new light to the path of their futures.

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