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Two Amrita Vidyalayams among the top 20 winners of the ATL Tinkering Marathon 2019

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Key Points

  • ATL Tinkering Marathon 2019: Two student teams from Amrita Vidyalayams in Thalassery and Chennai secured spots among the top 20 innovators in the ATL Tinkering Marathon 2019, a nationwide innovation challenge by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM).
  • Innovative Projects: The winning projects were “Sonic Power Saver,” which harnessed noise pollution to generate electricity, and “Panda File Transfer Protocol,” simplifying file transfers.
  • Mindful Innovation: The marathon’s theme was “Research, Ideate, Innovate, Implement – Mindful Innovation for the greater good.” Students addressed community issues and had the chance to present their projects in front of the President of India, with mentor support.
22 November 2020
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Amrita Schools
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Amrita Vidyalayam Thalassery student team AV innovators comprising of Vrinda, Adidev K and Sneha K and Amrita Vidyalayam Chennai student team consist of three members; S. Harsith Priyan, G. Sanjay, and S.Gowtham made it to the top 20 innovators of ATL Marathon 2019 for their projects titled “Sonic Power Saver” and “Panda File Transfer Protocol” respectively. Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog declared the result of its flagship national annual innovation Marathon challenge on November 20th.

This year, the challenge was executed by AIM in partnership with MyGOV on MyGov’s Innovate Platform. More than 5000 Atal Tinkering Labs across the country participated in the challenge. The significant part of this challenge is that the students can present their projects in the presence of the President of India.

With the central theme as “Research, Ideate, Innovate, Implement – Mindful Innovation for the greater good”, this year’s marathon was uniquely designed by the students themselves. Phase-I of the challenge included crowdsourcing of the problems faced by students in the communities surrounding them.

Phase-II included voting on the shortlisted problem statements. The Marathon, this year had a strong focus on Research preceding the Innovations.  The students identified community problems of their choice in one or more of the above four problem areas and developed innovative solutions in the form of working prototypes or minimum viable product (MVP).

The final phase of solution development received over 1191 entries from students across 29 States and Union Territories of the country. After a robust evaluation process, the top 150 teams were selected. They were interviewed by a team of scientists and based on their review, the top 20 innovators were selected.

The project Sonic Power Saver discusses how to convert noise pollution (sound waves) around us into electricity. The students got the idea to do this when they started to notice lots of noises produced in classrooms, public places such as bus stations, railway stations, metro cities etc. One of the challenges we are facing in our country is the depletion of natural resources and wastage of electricity.

As a solution, they invented a sound-powered mechanism to produce and save electricity by capturing sound or noise produced in classrooms and public places, and then they converted this noise to electricity. They found that this captured noise can be utilized to control electrical appliances which contribute to conserving electricity. Their main goal is to achieve a Green Campus. Atal Tinkering Lab in-charge faculty Mrs. Jincy and Amrita University professors Mrs. Gayatri and Mr. Akshay Nagaraj gave advice and guidance to the students.

The project Panda File Transfer Protocol introduces a file transfer that can be used without any additional hardware. It’s advantages are, it is simple, easy to use, fast transfer and high speed. Many of us struggle in using Gmail or Pen drives to transfer small files, even with computers within the same network and this reduces productivity. The innovation is made with python and open-source dependencies. The students also exhibited a working model along with their project.

Atal Tinkering Lab in-charge Faculty Mr. Santhosh Kumar, Amrita University’s Faculty Associate Mr. Ashish Mohan, Asst. Professor Mr. Akshay Nagaraj and members of Amrita TBI provided advice and guidance to the students for the completion of their project. The students, faculties and mentors worked for nearly one year on both these projects.

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