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Students develop wall painting robot at Amrita University

Four students: one girl and two boys, smile into the camera
The idea was to create the simplest possible solution to paint tall walls and save human counterparts from health hazards and painting accidents.

Key Points

  • Amrita Engineering students developed WallPBot, a patented robot for safe and efficient tall wall painting using machine learning and robotics.
  • WallPBot aimed to enhance safety by reducing health hazards for human painters. The team competed in international design contests and filed for a patent.
  • Phase 1 prototype successfully tested at Amritapuri Campus’ Technology Business Incubator, highlighting potential for a technology-driven transformation in wall painting.
24 August 2019
Main topic
Amrita University
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Humanitarian Research

Amrita Engineering student team developed a patented wall painting robot which ascends tall walls upon which it gets mounted, independently, and simultaneously paints the surface without compromising the finish.

This robot combines machine learning and computer vision with standard robotics methods to achieve its goals. The student team had participated in James Dyson award international design competition. They were a semi-finalist in the Accenture innovation challenge. The WallpBot has also been filed as a patent.

The team was conprised of: Amritapuri campus students Harikrishnan J, Aravind Sadashiv, Allen Peter John and Arya Sudarsan of Amrita School of Engineering under the mentorship of Dr. Purushothaman A., Vice Chairperson, Electronics and Communication, School of Engineering, Amritapuri campus. Congratulations to the team!

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