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Relief continues for hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico

Volunteers unload supplies from truck

Key Points

  • In the aftermath of devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017, many residents were left without essential services like electricity, water, and telecommunications. The destruction of infrastructure and homes led to a desperate need for assistance.
  • Volunteers from Embracing the World, based at the MA Center in San Ramon, California, collected 3,000 pounds of food and essential items as donations. These items were transported to Puerto Rico and distributed to a severely affected community identified through a field study by the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) on March 25, 2018.
  • This relief effort was made possible through collaboration with local nonprofit organizations and the cooperation of community leaders in Puerto Rico. It highlights the crucial role of both volunteers and donors in providing support to communities in need during times of crisis.

In the fall of 2017, hurricanes devastated multiple Caribbean Islands including Puerto Rico. Infrastructures for electricity, agriculture, drinking water and telecommunications were destroyed along with many homes and buildings. Many of Puerto Rico’s residents are still living without power and are in desperate need of help.

Volunteers stack Home Depot boxes

In response, Embracing the World volunteers at MA Center in San Ramon, California collected 3,000 pounds of food and other essential items as donations. These items were transported to Puerto Rico and distributed on March 25, 2018 to one of the communities most in need, as identified in a field study by the University of Puerto Rico (Universidad de Puerto Rico – UPR).

Volunteers look at boxes with clipboards

This effort would not have been possible without the support of local nonprofit organizations, including Cooperadores Ecológicos de Permacultura para un Puerto Rico Autosuficiente (Ecological Cooperators of Permaculture for a Self-sufficient Puerto Rico), and in coordination with the leader of the San Isidro community in Canóvanas, PR, as well as Embracing the World donors and volunteers.

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