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Project Warmth, A winter solace from AYUDH Delhi

Passing out a blanket to a poor child
This is the third year AYUDH has been providing warm clothing and blankets to those in need

Key Points

  • AYUDH Delhi-NCR organized “Project Warmth,” an annual winter-relief program held at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math Ashram in New Delhi, in line with Amma’s compassion for those in need.
  • The program, now in its third year, provided warm clothing, including blankets, to over 100 needy families to help them cope with the harsh winter conditions. Distinguished guests and ashram authorities participated in the event.
  • AYUDH coordinator Arzoo Sabarwal Sharma highlighted the importance of extending Amma’s grace to those less fortunate, emphasizing the unity and positive impact that such charitable initiatives bring to society.

AYUDH Delhi-NCR organized Project Warmth, its annual winter-relief program. The event took place on Sunday, January 5th at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math Ashram in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Moved by Amma’s compassion for suffering humanity, AYUDH has been providing warm clothing to some of the most impoverished dwellers of the city to shelter them from the severe winter cold.

Project Warmth is in its third year in the region, and this season, more than 100 families in need received blankets. Esteemed dignitaries, ashram authorities and well-wishers also joined the day’s events.

On behalf of AYUDH, Ms. Sundari Nanda, Director of General Police (DGP); Shri Shashank Shekhar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ms. Sunanada Khosla distributed the blankets.

“As Amma says, the smile that lights up a face brimming with love is the most beautiful thing in the whole world,” said Arzoo Sabarwal Sharma, Project Warmth’s coordinator

“In a world where no one has time to stop, imagine the homeless in the middle of winter, with no basic necessities to help keep warm! Indeed the greatest miracle is a mind desirous of helping others.”

Sharma explained how organizing the project is an absolutely moving experience for the AYUDH team members and volunteers. With every blanket they distribute, there is a sense of the unity between everyone.

“It was the feeling of extending Amma’s grace to people in need. We would like to thank everyone for your kind donations and for joining hands to support this good cause, for being the reason behind someone’s smile,” concluded Sharma.

Children who received blankets sit in front of ashram volunteers

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